Emailing database file which won't open

  solitaire 10:52 27 Apr 2007

I have mad a database file for a friend using Miscosoft Works Database but when I try to email it over they can't open the file.

It ends with .wbd

  Simsy 11:45 27 Apr 2007

have "Works"? If so is it the same version?

Assuming the database actually contains data, (rather than just being an empty template), it could be quite large file. That in itself can sometimes stop the attachment beig receiving because of isp file size limits.
Are they actually receiving the database OK?

I fthet are getting it, they should probably try saving it from the email and then opening it, rather than trying to open the attachment.

Can you open it ok, saving saved and closed it?

Other than that I have no ideas.

Good luck,



  solitaire 12:01 27 Apr 2007

They are receiving it as an attachment but can't get it to open.

I have followed all the instruction for sending as an email.

  wee eddie 12:09 27 Apr 2007

eft click on the Attachment and drag it to the Desktop.

Open Works Database > File > Open > Navigate to the Desktop > Click on the relevant file > it should open.

  pj123 12:10 27 Apr 2007

If they haven't got MS Works, then they can't open it.

You would need to re-save it as (say) a dBase IV (.dbf) file which can be opened by almost any database program.

You could also try to save it as a .csv or .txt file which could then be opened in Excel.

  solitaire 12:27 27 Apr 2007

Thanks very much changed it to dBase IV and sent it to my spare email addy and it worked

  solitaire 12:36 27 Apr 2007

No didn't work properly can't change from List to Form

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