knockin on 10:39 23 Sep 2006

Had an odd one today, would welcome any observations.
I am using Outlook and XP Pro. When I sent for my email today, I watch (fascinated and sad) the little envelopes crossing the screen and the little blue numbers appear in the left hand pane against the inbox folder (I have the calendar view selected)... here they come one...little pause....two; and then end of delivery and the number changes from 2 emails received back to 1. I check..There is just one email. What has happened to the other? is it some sinister bit of devilment about to invade my machine? where did it go? why did it come? It is not in the delete folder or any other folder in Outlook. It is defunct, dead, an ex email. Anyone else experienced this phenomenon or have any ideas?
PS I am out and about today so may not respond to replies immediately. I will get back to you ,however.

  RickyC :-) 11:32 23 Sep 2006

CD Editor

  VoG II 11:33 23 Sep 2006

Have you set up any message rules?

  wee eddie 15:43 23 Sep 2006

This looks like mail being transferred to an Anti Spam Folder.

  Enoch 16:47 23 Sep 2006

Wee eddie is probably correct. Look in "Anti-Spam folder"

  knockin on 16:56 23 Sep 2006

VoG™: Yes there are some to direct specific mail to specific folders - I have checked all these and there is nothing new in them. Also junk mail gets sent to the delete folder. In the past this junk shows in the delete folder awaiting to be dumped.

Wee eddie: I use Norton AV, but also my ISP is BT and Yahoo traps and diverts most spam before it is ever downloaded. Would Norton delete something without messaging me? It usually indicates if it has sorted out something nasty.

Thank you for your responsesand thanks Richard for moving it to the correct forum

  knockin on 17:07 23 Sep 2006

thanks - you must have posted whilst I was composing my response. I do not have an Anti-spam folder in Outlook. As I said to VoG I direct it to the delete folder. Maybe it is rubbish that is just being dealt with super efficiently. It is just that I have never before noticed email arrive which I have, subsequently, been unable to read

  wee eddie 17:24 23 Sep 2006

In Outlook Shortcuts I have a Norton Anti Spam Folder. This allows me to check my, so called, Spam before it is Deleted on my instruction.

I turned my BT Spam minder off when it failed to recognise the difference between a genuine mail from Paypal and the Spam version. That nearly caused a big upset. As I am on broadband downloading spam takes very little time, Norton mis-sorts a bit as the writers come up with new ideas for tags but it separated all the latest Barclay's hoaxes.

  knockin on 18:20 23 Sep 2006

OK wee eddie, thanks for that.I have all the anti Adware spyware and Virus software up to date and running, so I don,t feel too paranoid (altho', actually, they ARE all out to get me) so I'll tick this as resolved and only get anxious if it happens frequently. Thanks everyone.

  wee eddie 18:40 23 Sep 2006

You haven't actually solved it.

Unless you have found Norton's Anti Spam Folder lurking somewhere unexpected.

Are you inspecting the mail that BT/Yahoo is calling Spam. Just in case they are grabbing anything interesting of use. You can view it on-line as they hold it for a month before deleting.

  knockin on 19:39 23 Sep 2006

Yes I am inspecting yahoo spam, and I have just 1 address that seems to gather this junk. It does not have valid stuff in it, altho' I do check it regularly. You are right about its being unsolved, are you saying I should do a search for an anti-spam folder

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