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  KeithMH 23:48 13 Jun 2003

Has anyone else come across this?

My brother's email address is ***.btopenworld, but whenever he sends a message to me, the address is shown as ***.bt.openworld (i.e. extra dot). This means that, when I reply to his messages, I have to change the address or it never arrives.

I've emailed btopenworld about it but (surprise surprise) have had no reply.

  jazzypop 23:53 13 Jun 2003

He has probably typed the wrong address in Outlook / Outlook Express for the return address. Get him to check the Properties of his email account.

  otubby1 23:59 13 Jun 2003

I could be wrong but isn't the senders address automatically headed by the system? Otherwise people could put whatever senders address they wanted? So even if you type the wrong address for yourself, it shouldn't matter.


The only time I have seen the extra dot is when I was on dialup, in my connection dialog box.

  TBH1 00:09 14 Jun 2003

I think jazzypop is 100% correct here - - in outlook express you do have the option to enter the reply email address - -I guess it defaults to sender unless you put something in there - - jazzypop, a gold star to you methinks

  beeuuem 00:27 14 Jun 2003

Of course jazzypop is right :-))

This refers to a similar problem.
click here

  jazzypop 00:35 14 Jun 2003

Your posted link got mangled, I think because there is a new format for addressing threads since the server upgrade.

Click on your link and you will get a 'page not found' error. Insert a ? (question mark) between the 'cfm' and 'go' part of the address in the browser bar and hit Enter, and the correct thread will be displayed.

Thanks for the kind words :)

F.E. - is this going to be a problem referring to previous threads?

  beeuuem 00:40 14 Jun 2003

Re: "old" links, I'm not even going to ask how you found that out!!!!!!

  KeithMH 08:22 14 Jun 2003

Many thanks for your tips, everybody. I'll get my brother to sort it out.

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