Email Working but cant browse the net

  ajm 01:23 20 Jan 2005

I have a PC with windows xp connected through a ADSL Router. Downloading emails from Outlooks is fine, but as soon as i click on IE, and want to access web sites, nothing happens. Any suggestions what to do?

  Djohn 01:29 20 Jan 2005

has your router got its own firewall, have you set it to allow your Browser to access the internet?

Just a guess to give you something to try until others come along. :o)

  ajm 01:33 20 Jan 2005

thanks for the reply. The setup consists of 4 pcs and 2 laptops connected via a mixture of lan/wireless. This problem only happens on 1 PC thats on wired network and 1 laptop on wireless.

All 6 machines were working fine until yesterday. So i dont think its the firewall on the router.

  Djohn 01:57 20 Jan 2005

Not too well up in networks ajm, but plenty of forum members are and I'm sure you'll have some help later on today. Sorry I can't help myself. :o(

  end 02:43 20 Jan 2005

"all machines were working fine until yesterday"

did you change anything?(just something else to "work on" until the cavalry arrives)

we had a vaguely similar problem at work the other day( I could not log in to the networked computer nor the internet: turned out that a coonection had become loose on one PC , and a somewhat vital connection:); has any connection become loose and have you physically checked each of them?

just an idea::)

  ajm 00:02 21 Jan 2005

all working now....thanks a lot for your advice.

  end 00:19 21 Jan 2005

can u please post how or what yu did to resolve this issue , so that others in a similar spot can learn for this thread?

  johnnyrocker 00:21 21 Jan 2005

or even from


  end 18:57 21 Jan 2005

can you please tell us how you sorted this so that others can learn from this thread in case it happens to them(and i can get my spelling right).p l e a s e

  end 06:46 22 Jan 2005

would still like to know how this problem was resolved please:)

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