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  pickle factory 17:56 19 Dec 2005

Hello folks.
Quick question on Worm.Sober.U virus. Anyone heard of it? I've received a message from my ISP telling me they are holding in quarantine, an email containing an attachment with this virus, that someone has sent me. I have AVG, ZA Pro and Microsoft Anti virus. Can anyone tell me whether just receiving this email would activate the virus or would I be able to look at it (Auto preview?) to see if it is genuinly from someone I know without danger. I only wish to know who it is from as the subject line states the message is to notify me of a new email address. Any ideas?

  Skyver 18:00 19 Dec 2005

Don't use any kind of Preview if you're using Outlook Express, use a notifier to check and/or delete the email before it's downloaded, this is free and can import your Outlook Express account info click here

  stalion 18:01 19 Dec 2005

even the message you have received from the server is probably false and someone you know is hardly likely to send you an intentional virus
install this and you can check your emails on the server click here

  Skyver 18:04 19 Dec 2005

I didn't know you could still get that free, ta. *adds to bookmarks*

  pickle factory 18:04 19 Dec 2005

I do not have any infection yet as I have not yet received it, it's still in quarantine at my ISP. I need to know if the virus will activate on receiving the email or on opening the email, or on opening the attachment. I would like to know who it is from but I need to tell my ISP whether to release it to me or not depending on if I think I can look at the contents without activating the virus. PS I just use Outlook, not Outlook Express

  pickle factory 18:05 19 Dec 2005

PS It is a genuine message from Plusnet, they have spotted the virus and are holding it in quarantine.

  VoG II 18:05 19 Dec 2005

sober.u click here

  stalion 18:09 19 Dec 2005

I woud suggest you email your isp and ask them to inform you who it is from, this is no guarantee that it came from the person named if you download it and open it you will be infected.I doubt that your isp wil release it for the same reason

  pickle factory 18:10 19 Dec 2005

If I'm reading that correctly, it activates when the attachment is run. I have no intention of running that. I am wondering if this is a genuine email from a someone known to me who has inadvertently sent me the virus. I hope I will be safe to look at the email contents without running the attachment

  VoG II 18:12 19 Dec 2005

Yes, as long as you don't open the attachment, you should be OK.

  pickle factory 18:13 19 Dec 2005

I have been in contact with Plusnet, all they can give me is the IP address it originated from. They will not open the email for me. They are waiting for me to decide if I want it or not.

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