Email stuck in my outbox

  fazza8 08:28 02 Apr 2007

I have a 13Mb email with a Publisher attachment stuck in my outbox in Outlook. I use Office 2007. I have tried deleting it but it will not go. Any ideas?

  Taff™ 09:01 02 Apr 2007

Move it to the Drafts box and delete it from there.

  fazza8 09:06 02 Apr 2007

Tried that but it steadfastly refuses to budge

  Sapins 09:42 02 Apr 2007

Have a look at

Tools/options/send, is there a tick in the box "send messages immediately" if not tick it and try sending the message again.

Or; Tools/accounts/properties/advanced. If there is no tick in "break apart messages larger than x KB, tick the box and reduce the size to, say, 200kb. These are for Outlook Express, don't know if they are available in Outlook.

If these do not work you could delete the message from your account on the ISP page.

  fazza8 10:07 02 Apr 2007

The "send messages immediately" was already ticked.
I cannot find anything abot breaking apart messages.
On my ISP page there are no messages in the outbox.

  Hawy 10:23 02 Apr 2007

Do a search for outbox.dbx on your 'C' drive then rename it, say outboxold.dbx. Next time you re-open OE a new outbox will be created minus the stuck email.

  fazza8 10:28 02 Apr 2007

Thanks for your help. I managed to do it by switching to working offline.

All your efforts much appreciated

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