Email Store folder for IE8 - folders missing

  Connaught 15:26 11 Nov 2010

For convenience, I thought, I changed my email store folder to one easily seen on my 'c drive' This was for the purpose of backup where to do so in the way windows arrange it is like being in a jungle.

Having used a backup with bags of space available, I find that there are subfolders of 'Local folders' missing. Is any one familiar with this please and could tell me the reason and a way round it.

Many thanks

  GaT7 16:00 11 Nov 2010

When you click on Store Folder in OE Options, what is the file path mentioned there?

The default is C:\Documents and Settings\[your user/profile name]\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{long-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-code}\Microsoft\Outlook Express. G

  Connaught 16:49 11 Nov 2010

Yes but I changed from that long file path and now when you click on Store Folder in Options it says merely c:\Email Store Some sub folders are saved but others do not appear although they are of course in OE and are used daily.


  GaT7 16:56 11 Nov 2010

If you can see all your folders & subfolders in OE (& you're not missing any messages), there's no reason to be concerned.

On my XP PC, the OE store folder is set to default (as above), & there are NO folders or subfolders in the last .....\Microsoft\Outlook Express folder. This folder only contains files - all .DBX files in fact. G

  GaT7 17:11 11 Nov 2010

I don't understand this part:

'Some sub folders are saved but others do not appear although they are of course in OE and are used daily.'

Are the subfolders you refer to here the ones in the OE program or the ones in the OE store folder (in Windows Explorer)? G

  Connaught 18:51 11 Nov 2010

All the messages are there in OE but it becomes important when you make a back up of your emails. The subfolders are those you make yourself in OE when sorting your emails. All the emails arrive in the Inbox and it is from there that you sort them into the various subtitles you will have created. EG Cars, Family, Health etc. Similarly when you send emails these are sorted into the subtitles you have created. Its just a filing sytem really

There is no reason why only some of these folders appear in the backup or indeed the store before back.

There is a perfectly legitimate option to change the store that I adopted.

The emails still exist in OE and I would like to know a way of backing these up if possible.
Thank you Crossbow7

  GaT7 20:34 11 Nov 2010

To backup messages, just backup (copy & paste) the entire C:\Email Store folder to another hard drive or removable drive/media with an appropriate name - say Email Store Backup (ESB).

Then restoring involves importing them into OE. The procedure is like this: Open OE > File > Import > Messages > Microsoft Outlook Express 6 > Import mail from an OE6 store directory > OK > Browse to where you saved your backup (ESB) & follow the rest of the wizard to completion. This will restore all folders to how you had it when you originally backed-up.

Trouble will arise when you expect to also restore the folders that you newly created since the last backup. Unfortunately these newly created folders will not be restored & will have to be created afresh. So this will account for your statement: 'Some sub folders are saved but others do not appear although they are of course in OE and are used daily.'

And now I also understand your other statement: 'I find that there are subfolders of 'Local folders' missing'. You were referring to subfolders in the OE program & not in Windows Explorer :-), G

  Connaught 01:03 12 Nov 2010

Thank you Crossbow7,

Its not that easy, I am afraid. When I look at my Email Store in C drive there are several OE folders missing. So its no wonder that they do not appear in a backup. I forgot to mention that for some reason 'Email Store' in C drive is in blue print.

Is there a way of saving the contents of OE as it is.

I have OE 8 by the way and am operating Windows Vista. I dont think that makes any difference though.

  GaT7 12:04 12 Nov 2010

Sorry, I didn't know it was Vista - that would explain our misunderstandings about the subfolders. Vista doesn't really have OE but Windows Mail (WM), doesn't it?

Backing it up is the same though, which involves copying the entire store folder to another location, preferably to another hard drive or removable media. click here explains how to backup & restore your contacts as well, which we missed out on before.

About the 'missing' subfolders, this click here could explain it - the posts dated 28th December 2009, 06:46 PM & 10:45 PM in particular.

Btw, a folder appearing in blue print usually means it is being compressed to occupy less space. You can confirm this by right-clicking the folder & clicking on the Advanced button under the General tab. G

  Connaught 13:47 12 Nov 2010

Thankyou Crossbow7,

Yes I went to the other forum and although it is not on all fours it does show that there are others with similar problems.

My need for separate folders is because I have 2 clients and it is essetial that I retain all our correspondence. Needless to say both appear lost.

It would help if they had reached the store folder but they have not. Why in the world does Microsoft/Windows persist in making it so unnecessary complex?

Thanks anyway

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