email slow

  Daiol 12:51 22 Nov 2006

Hi,good day to you all.I'm using windows xp pro [genuine] outlook xpress for my emails,over the last few weeks the emails are very slow coming up on screen,there are times that i have to click on send/rec tab to get the emails through,eg today when i clicked on the tab an email came through my time was 11-37 & the email time stated 11-02 when i opened it up.They have just slowed down over the past 4-6 weeks.Any thoughts on the subject.Thanks in advance.

  rawprawn 13:08 22 Nov 2006

Have yo got an anti vrus scanning it?

  Daiol 14:22 22 Nov 2006

Yes i have AVG 7.5 latest edition.I also have microsoft beta spyware,Spybot,Adaware.

  rawprawn 14:25 22 Nov 2006

I don't use AVG, but can you turn "Email scanning" off and try it without to see if that alters things.

  Daiol 15:06 22 Nov 2006

yes i can,but how has this developed within the last few weeks its been okay Thanks for replying

  rawprawn 15:09 22 Nov 2006

First of all, has it made a difference?
Secondly have you just upgraded to AVG 7.5. I know there have been some problems and that may be one of them.

  Daiol 15:36 22 Nov 2006

Dont really know yet,And i had this prob before avg 7.5 came on the scene.will be intouch.Thanx.

  rawprawn 15:38 22 Nov 2006

Send yourself an email, copy one that took a long time to arrive.

  Daiol 16:31 22 Nov 2006

rawprawn. I tried sending myself an email with an atatchment i sent it at 9min past 4 ,and it got here at 28 past 4.What do you think of that and i had to click on the send/rec tab to get the email.

  rawprawn 16:54 22 Nov 2006

To me it sounds more like a problem with your ISP than OE, which has no control over how long it takes to process emails en route.

  Daiol 17:06 22 Nov 2006

Thankyou for all your help i'll just hang about to see what happens.

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