email server hi-jack

  brigez 00:19 25 Oct 2006

hope some of you might be able to help. the server address for my virgin email has changed fron to 127.00.01
This is different from the virgin settings on there website which i double checked just before this posting.
My laptop which is wirelessly connected to the same isp shows the correct server address as usuall. I only found this out because i went looking for probs because the desktop and laptop did not download the same emails.
Yes the settings are to leave a copy of the email on the server.
Checked the virgin website, no mention of this sort of problem! thanks. bri

  DieSse 01:12 25 Oct 2006

This will be your anti-virus program, which changes the server setting to local host ( as part of the way in which it checks incoming mail.

McAfee is a favourite for causing problems when it makes the change, and Spamkiller part in particular.

Is this what you're using? - If not what AV are you using?

  brigez 01:48 25 Oct 2006

hi DieSse,

Yeh, I'm using mc afee, turned spamkillier off a couple off days ago as it was killing a lot of my normal email.will look into this later today. Thanks.

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