email scanned photos to slow to send

  eric-263773 23:35 04 Jan 2003
  eric-263773 23:35 04 Jan 2003

why ,when sending email photos ,does my server terminate me,with a no response message after a while,i can see the progress is slow ,it seems to take along time for the progress bar to move. i get to sent 7 of 15 then its stopped. is my pentuim2 266mhz 3g 64k ram win 98 just not up to the job ? a bt open world user

  bigdamouk 23:37 04 Jan 2003


  eric-263773 23:56 04 Jan 2003

i have used email button on canoscan 1250u2 and also attached a file to a email ,how do you compress a email photo to send ? ps i am beginer.

  bigdamouk 00:01 05 Jan 2003

first check what format the photos are. i suspect their probably .BMP, go to my computer and find the location of the photos then click on one of the photos, look at the description and just after the filename will be and exstension, if its a .BMP then i suspect this is the cause for the slow uploading times/cutoffs. as BMPs are fairly large files.

  woodchip 00:03 05 Jan 2003

It depends on the size of photo's and the size of the mailbox at the other end, also if the mailbox is clear as they normally have a limit about 1 to 2 meg's

  DieSse 00:12 05 Jan 2003

For sending pictures with email.

Don't send more than 2 or 3 with one email.

Resize the pictures to approx 500 pixels wide (and whatever the length is apprpriate to the picture. As most displays are 800 pixels wide, you can see what size the image will display at in the email, just over half the screen width.

Ensure the picture file format is jpg - this is a compressed format, which cutts the amound of data down (not the size of the image)

  DieSse 00:14 05 Jan 2003

As an alternative to resizing to 500 pixels wide, scan at a resolution of 80dpi - this is around the same resolution as a display screen, so the pcture will end up in the email at roughly the same size as the original.

  weejobbie 00:17 05 Jan 2003

check your scanner manual or the software that you manipulate the scanned picture (such as Adobe Photo Deluxe etc, which are usually bundled with your scanner).

As a rule of thumb: ALWAYS save the scanned picture in "JPEG" format (ie, the name of the file with a .jpg suffix). This can compressed the original picture in bitmapped (ie, file with .bmp suffix) in less that 1/5th to 1/10th of the original size.

Also, depending on who is your recipient: does he or she need to print out the photo? or simply view on screen? If need to be print out you have to set the picture resolution to at least 150 d.p.i. (Dot Per Inch) - again your software manual or "help" should able to tell you how to change this. The higher the d.p.i the bigger the file size. If only viewing on screen all you need is 72 d.p.i. as human eyes cannot tell the difference beyond this resolution.

Last: also adjust the actual picture size in inches (or centimeters), again you need to refer to the manual to set this up. Set it up to a normal photograph size, ie 6 inches wide by 4 inches high (for horizontal format) or 4 inch wide by 6 inch high for vertical format. However, usually you can skip this process if you are scanning pictures and accepted the default 100% scan size, as the scanner will keep the original sizes.

I have been sending umpteen pictures through emails, and the "tweaked" pictures at 6in x 4in at 72 dpi, JPEG format are only 40Kb to 50Kb in size.

  eric-263773 23:41 05 Jan 2003

thanks for help ,have given me somethings to play with. I did notice my anti virus software locks out if screen saver appears so have altered timings there . is there a good idiots guide to windows 98 with lots of one step at a time help,which i could use ie this is how to convert a photo into jpg. MANY THANKS CROMER

  DieSse 23:58 05 Jan 2003

You shouldn't really have to manually convert to jpg format. Most scanners "scan to" or "send to email" options should do this for you.

To practice what emails look like to the recipient, simply send one to yourself - at different sizes, resolutions etc. You'll then see when you've got the settings correct for what you want.

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