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  24dragon 16:10 27 May 2004

Hi, can someone tell me how to do the following, please?

Sheet 1 contains 2 columns for each month, sheet 2 has 1 column for each month. This is linked to the first sheet, and I want to add both totals from sheet 1 to appear as a single total on the second sheet. But, if I format sheet 2, col B to equal sheet 1 col A + B, then drag across sheet 2, I get on sheet 2 A+B, then B+c, C+D etc, instead of A+B, C+D, E+F.

Bit complicated to explain, but I've got a feeling brackets come into it somewhere!

Thanks in advance

  Wak 16:17 27 May 2004

Is this an Email question or an EXCEL question???
The latter, I think!

  exdragon 17:20 27 May 2004

You're right, of course! I can't change the header, though, can I?

  Shas 17:32 27 May 2004

Start a new thread with Excel in the title, I'm sure Vog or one of the other Excel masters will pick it up. I have done what you're trying to do before but can't remember exactly how, I think it's through the Insert > Function menu.

  exdragon 18:07 27 May 2004

Re entered as Excel question!

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