EMail problems in OE.

  Thereferee21 13:43 01 Apr 2008

I have been having problems sending e mails to friends, i used to just start typing their names and things were fine. this is not happening anymore. What am i doing wrong? Ihave windows XP Home Edition

  DieSse 15:25 01 Apr 2008

"this is not happening anymore."

What is not happening anymore? autocomplete of their addresses?

  Thereferee21 17:55 01 Apr 2008

Yes. And the emails go i think but do not get returned as undelivered for whatever reason.

  Stuartli 18:27 01 Apr 2008

If you don't type (or AutoComplete) an e-mail address or addresses exactly as it/they should be, then they will be bounced back within seconds.

  DieSse 19:08 01 Apr 2008

"...then they will be bounced back within seconds."

Unless what you type is a wrong, but valid format address.

  Thereferee21 19:16 01 Apr 2008

Im not getting anything back but my friends are not getting the e mails.

  Sea Urchin 19:19 01 Apr 2008

You can check what address was used in your Sent folder

  Thereferee21 19:49 01 Apr 2008

How do you auto complete please?

  freaky 20:42 01 Apr 2008

I have a similar problem with Outlook Express, I have two e-mail addresses. The one is OK but the other goes to the Outbox > Sent box > and that's it- nobody receives them, and no error messages! I have a network of 3 PC's and have sent e-mails using this particular address and they do not appear on any of them.

I use NTL (Virgin) so I phoned them today, they said there was a problem with a particular Server which will not be repaired until 6th April !

I mention this because it may be relevant to this topic.

  DieSse 21:18 01 Apr 2008

To set up Outlook Express to automatically check names as you type them in, on the Tools menu, click Options, and then select the Send tab. Select Automatically complete e-mail addresses when composing.

  Sea Urchin 21:27 01 Apr 2008

.....and of course they have to be listed in your Contacts

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