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  grizzley 17:21 15 Jun 2007

can anyone tell me how to sort out a problem with my email. problem is no mail is getting into my live mail in box from my spamjab software, this started when my computer crashed and had to reinstall from scratch,i have checked my details needed to get spamjab to send cleared mail from them to my inbox this is not happening and my mail is sitting in spamjabs my mail section which is annoying because i can not deal with it.

i hav to use as incoming server and my email address as log details so i am unsure what else i can do,i do not want to scrap spamjab unless it is absolutly neccessary because it does its job well and no spam has got into my inbox as yet. any advice would be appreciated. thanks

  p;3 18:23 15 Jun 2007

are you able to give a link to the server address where your mail is ?

  grizzley 18:31 15 Jun 2007

thanks for reply , i access spamjab by address click here

i logged on with my email and password and go from there. registration is free and it does do a good job gaurenteed for 30 days during which any spam that gets through into your inbox spamjab pay you for. afterwards they do not pay but i know no spam has gone into my inbox.

  p;3 22:49 15 Jun 2007

can you start at the beginning ;how does this system work; and where is your mail first sent to when someone mails you? which is your ISP's server?

and do you ultimately download mail from the spam jab thingi onto your computer?

  grizzley 10:05 16 Jun 2007

p;3 thanks for the email.

all emails sent to me by anyone goes into a spam folder for me to check for the ones i want and to delete ones i do not want. email spam client called spamjab which is seperate from the main email client,like windows live mail,all emails go to click here inbox. where you can decide what to do,3 choices good,delete and another one which i forget. delete and thats it gone, good should send mail onto your mail server inbox,like windows live mail. registration is needed to set up your free account, welcome email sent to you to help set up your account with details of how to change your details on main server. there is also a section on spamjab called my mail where copies of mail is held incase like me it does not get through. i use virgin media, with live mail as my email client. settings are correct but still not sorted out.
emails goto spamjab.
check mail good or bad.
good mail is sent on to your email account, and from then on bypass spamjab and goes direct to computer.
bad mail scrapped..
copies kept on spamjab my mail section.
hope this explains if not i will check spamjab and try again. thanks

  p;3 14:15 16 Jun 2007

click here containts some useful links you could try


'contact us by phone call between 9:00am and 5:30pm UK time on +44 20 8953 5212 and ask for Sara'

BUT if spam IS the issue here , me thinks another way of dealing WITH that might be to utilise mailwasher? and stop using spam jab?

using mailwasher YOU are in control of what does and does NOT get onto your comp by being able to preview ALL of it on your server and delete FROM server

have a gander at

click here

the version I use is

click here line 30b

see what you think ?

else you may need to I suggest maybe reregister with the spam jab ; but have a chat with their help desk?see what they suggest perhaps?

  p;3 18:07 16 Jun 2007

another suggestion to offer you; I think you may be going a very long way around getting your mail sorted; you seem to have your mail grabbed from the server and sent to the spam thing , then checked then ok'ed for you THEN you download it to your comp?

how far if at all have you progressed with this?

  grizzley 11:46 17 Jun 2007

thanks for the reply p;3 much appreciate it.

i have been using spamjab for over a year and until a week ago had no trouble.

all emails goto spamjab where i log into and check who has sent what, and then i choose if it is what i want, if the email is what i want i click on good and that should send it onto my computer, all other unwanted mail is scrapped using delete key. i hav emailed spamjab support but it takes time to get a reply and that is why i though i would see if the forums can offer any help. i do appreciate your help thankyou. at present all accepted email is sitting in spamjabs my mail section where i have to goto if i remember to look at my accepted emails. there is a lot of spam flying around these last few days saying it comes from the halifax, i have just deleted almost a dozen of these fake emails this morning which took up almost all of my inbox.

thankyou again for your help,if i do not here from spamjab monday am i will have to ring them.


  grizzley 10:57 18 Jun 2007

thankyou to those kind folks for their help.

i have now sorted it out by starting afresh.


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