Email problem has got me stumped

  cocteau48 10:07 17 Mar 2007

Hi Guys
Yesterday I posted the thread:
click here
and got no response from anyone but I am now even more confused so am trying again.Hope you can help.
1 Email was working prob free two days ago
2 Yesterday did not receive any third party incoming. Client showed "No messages on the server"
3 Could send test email to myself which arrived back in T'bird/OE/TalkTalkwebmail/and Mail2web all OK.
4 Have today sent mail to my neighbour(also TT) which arrived and have sent myself one back from his computer which has also arrived in my inbox so the problem does not seem to be with TT.
5 Problem: there are at least 15 incoming messages out there from yesterday (11 of them automated responses to a different thread on this forum) and not one of them has arrived in my inbox. Where have they gone?
Any theories would be much appreciated

  Wak 10:21 17 Mar 2007

One theory? Has this forum got a slightly different e-mail address than the ones you are using now??

  MAJ 10:24 17 Mar 2007

"....there are at least 15 incoming messages out there from yesterday (11 of them automated responses to a different thread on this forum)...."

Which ISP are the other emails from, do you know? It looks like TT's servers are having problems receiving mail from other providers. If you want to PM me your TT email address, I'll send a test email via Tiscali. What happens if you send an email using webmail, Hotmail, or Gmail, for example?

  cocteau48 10:29 17 Mar 2007

No - automated responses have always arrived in the past.
and I still have had no automated response for your message above so the problem is still ongoing.

  p;3 10:34 17 Mar 2007

one question I ask is have you physically checked on you server(s)to see if any mails have been put in your junk mail section? are you relying solely on what your e mail client is telling you and not checking the server itself?

  cocteau48 10:34 17 Mar 2007

thanks and will PM you now.
I do not seem to be able to send from my TTwebmail box - even to myself

  p;3 10:38 17 Mar 2007

re-reading that I think your concern is the lack of automated responses from this forum? if so it happens from time to time ; if you are receiving all others normally and this forum is the only 'problem' ...get prepared for a deluge soon I think ;

  MAJ 10:41 17 Mar 2007

Hi cocteau48, I have received your email and have sent one via Tiscali, hope you receive it......... I think, lol

  cocteau48 10:42 17 Mar 2007

it is not just the automated responses. A mate (AOL) has sent me two emails yesterday and there are also a couple of newsletters which should have arrived yesterday and now the test from MAJ above - none have come through.
How do I physically check the server - sorry if that sound dumb!

  p;3 10:46 17 Mar 2007

how do I check my server? not a dumb question at all as many on here evidently do NOT check their servers either!!to check your server we need to know who your ISP is; is it talk talk ?

  cocteau48 10:47 17 Mar 2007

is it talk talk ?

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