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  Les 13:13 19 Mar 2007

My neighbour has trouble sending an email to a particular address using OE6. The sequence goes as follows:-

He receives an email from the other person, makes a reply by simply clicking REPLY and typing his message. The sender's address of course appears automatically on the reply form. He sends the message, 10 mins later it is returned as undelivered.

He phones the other person who then says that other people have replied and the address is therefore OK.

He tries again, again it is returned.

He then tries again, this time he includes another friend's address under CC. His friend receives and passes it on to the destination through his system - they receive it.

My neighbour sends his emails through Orange, his emails are and all other emails (as in the above example) get through to their destination with no probs. His friend uses a different provider and can both receive and send to him.

This does not make any kind of sense to me - how can this happen? His outgoing emails to anyone else are received with the exception of this particular address. It would suggest that there is a slight error in the address - but it is the address which they say is correct and wasn't actually type by my neighbour! Not to mention that my neighbour's friend actually sent it under that address and it was received.

I'm stumped for an answer to this - anyone who can explain it would be appreciated.

  CLONNEN 13:20 19 Mar 2007

Could be a problem at his ISP's end. Is he able to login to his ISP's website and check the status of their email server?

At the moment incoming email to my email address isn't working at all. Outgoing emails I can still send since I use for my internet connection (speed-mail is my old ISP but I have kept the email address).

All login pages for my speed-mail account both internet and email are currently inaccessible. Biscit who took over speed-mail are currently messing about with their servers and there's no sign of how long it will be before it is fixed. Speed-mail are part of Fast4.

  Les 13:35 19 Mar 2007

Thanks for the reply.

He can send and receive all messages - he can send messages to everyone with the exception of just one.

Knowing my neighbour I would have said that he had made an error in the address but, as he insists that he did not need to type in the address at all then he couldn't have made an error. He had simply clicked the REPLY button to reply and, as you know, the details are automatically posted in that reply. Yet a friend can send to this exception using the address as supplied by that exception.

Peculiar to say the least!

  VoG II 13:42 19 Mar 2007

Just a thought. Could the intended recipient be using something like Mailwasher, have accidentally added your neighbour to the blocked senders list, and have elected to bounce messages from blocked senders?

  Jak_1 14:09 19 Mar 2007

Orange used to be Wanadoo used to be freeserve, some isp's had blocked mail with freeserve/wanadoo/orange email addresses as they had been inundated with spam. I have the same problem with sending mail to a friend, his mail client is 'myway'and blocks all my mail. The only solution we could find was for him to open an online mail account with another client.

  Les 16:04 19 Mar 2007

VoG™: It's a tennis club and probably not using Mailwasher. Apparently, he's had no trouble in the past.

Jak1: That sounds as if that may well be the reason - it fits in with the fact that his friend did get the message to the club and, presumably, he's not a user of Orange.

I have passed your messages on to him.

I'll mark this post as resolved for I think that you have hit the nail fairly and squarely on the head. Many thanks to both of you.

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