Email Port 25 - any dangers in changing it ?

  kimjhon 04:47 26 Mar 2004

Have subscribed to a different email server.
To use it, had to change port from the default 25 to 26.
( My ISP will not allow mail servers other than their own to use port 25)

Seems to work OK.
Does anyone know if there are any probs risks etc in doing this ?

  kimjhon 21:40 26 Mar 2004

Any offers , please.
I suppose it is a bit specialist . But it is relevant to me at the minute.

  Paranoid Android 21:45 26 Mar 2004

Cannot think of any problems at the moment, but I'll try hard and get back to you when I do.


  kimjhon 22:06 26 Mar 2004

Cheers, Paranoid Android, obliged.

Just worried about 'an unprotected port'- or something like that.

  Paranoid Android 22:17 26 Mar 2004

Anyone scanning your system will find any open ports no matter whether you use 25 or 26. If you are concerned, install a firewall. Kerio Personal Firewall is FREE for home and personal use. click here


  kimjhon 22:26 26 Mar 2004

Thanks for that, Paranoid Android.

I have ZA.

Am worried because , since my ISP has blocked usage of port 25 for other mail servers, it makes me think they are doing this to afford some protection or something.

And therefore port 26 which may not have this service, is vulnerable.

Any thoughts?

  Paranoid Android 22:33 26 Mar 2004

I think it's just their way of making sure you use them to download your email. I wouldn't worry.

ZoneAlarm is fine.


  kimjhon 22:41 26 Mar 2004

Thanks Marvin. Still a little puzzled How does ZA know that I want it to be open for incomming mail? I have not needed to config ZA.

  kimjhon 22:47 26 Mar 2004

Another puzzle. Why would BT not want me to use another mail server ?

After all I dont pay extra for it. I am not on BT BroadBand ( where they do sneak in a hidden charge for emails )

  Paranoid Android 23:30 26 Mar 2004

You have Outlook Express (or whatever) set up in your programs list in ZA, so any port opened by OE is allowed.

My other explanation was only a possibility, you didn't mention before who your ISP was. There may be a different reason, why don't you ask them ?


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