email with photo

  bigduvat 13:08 19 Aug 2010

when I reduce a photo to send in an email,it comes on an email ok-but I can't click the - bar to take it to the taskbar on desktop. This has apparently just happened (although it's permanent) but email using microsoft outlook responds ok.?

  johndrew 14:54 19 Aug 2010

I am confused. Which e-mail client are you using to send/receive; OE, Outlook or something else?

  bigduvat 16:19 19 Aug 2010

I use Microsoft Office outlook and although email will expand when box is clicked and it can also be closed-it will not reduce to taskbar.?

  DieSse 17:50 19 Aug 2010

I'm still confused.

Is it that MS Outlook won't minimise (ie reduce to the task bar)?

Or is it something specific to attached pictures?

What version of Windows?

What version of MS Office?

  bigduvat 19:41 19 Aug 2010

yes-when I reduce a photo on to an email

  johndrew 10:23 20 Aug 2010

Do you mean that when you close your e-mail client you don't get an icon on the task bar?

  DieSse 17:38 20 Aug 2010

I still don't know what you're getting at - please explain in detail.

  bigduvat 18:06 20 Aug 2010

I have Microsoft office 2007 outlook, when I right click a photo from pictures to send to a mail client,the email appears on screen with the reduced photo. The email can be expanded,closed or even if it had been expanded,taken back to its original size. It does not react when the - sign is clicked to reduce it to the taskbar.?

  DieSse 22:53 20 Aug 2010

Hmmm - I have Office 2003.

If I insert a picture into an email I am composing, the composition window behaves correctly - ie it minimizes, maximises and restores, just as would be expected.

If you do it this way, rather than right-clicking and sending the picture to email - does it work correctly?

I can't really help further, sorry. I don't use Outlook - I actually use Thunderbird. So without changing my default email I can't test the way you are doing it(and I'm not going to change my default email just in case .....)

  wee eddie 04:04 21 Aug 2010

although I cannot quite work out what is going on.

What are you trying to achieve?

It appears that you are increasing the size of the e-mail on your monitor, which, in reality, stays the same size.

If you wish to send someone a Photo.

Make a e-mail to them > Click 'Insert' >

"either" ~~~~ from 'File' > Navigate to the photo > Click on it and it will be put on the e-mails bar but not displayed.

"or" ~~~~ from Photo > etc > and it will appear where the Cursor is, within the e-mail.

If you wish to increase it's size > Click on the bottom left hand corner and drag it out at 45'. If you drag it down or to the right, the picture will distort.

I may have barked up the wrong tree, but it was worth a try.

  Terry Brown 09:08 23 Aug 2010

Have you recently upgraded your office software (windows auto updates?), as this may have upset the settings in Office 2007.

Go to Microsord Word (as this is the program it runs through, and check the opions and security settings as these may have changed.

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