Email not reaching AOL server

  ened 14:10 27 Aug 2008

I discovered at the weekend that since August 14 all mails I have sent via Windows Mail have never reached the server.

AOL are effectively saying 'TOUGH' because they'Do not offer support for third party software.'

For over fifteen years I have been using either Outlook, Outlook Express and now Windows Mail, which ships with Vista (for those still on XP).

This happened in July and the AOL tech guy said it was to do with them upgrading and to wait 24 hours. The next morning all was okay.

This time it has lasted much longer and they now say there is nothing wrong with the server.

Yet I am pretty sure it is not my settings.

The AOL people have now said if I am not happy I can have a mac but I don't want to do that.

Any suggestions as to how this can be resolved or what to look for on my system/router, which might be causing this, will be very welcome.

  ened 14:48 27 Aug 2008

I should add that the server receives emails I send to myself but not to my wife who shares the same router.

We only discovered this because she sent me a mail and it never arrived.

Yet my wife can send emails to most people.

  ened 16:12 27 Aug 2008

Is there, perhaps, anybody else who has this problem?

I know similar things have happened before because I found this: click here

But the best advice appeared to be leave AOL and I don't want to do that even though they offered me a mac code.

  provider 2 16:21 27 Aug 2008


I imagine you have already checked the section "Using Other E-mail Applications" on this page? click here

I use only AOL e-mail and have not had any problems with it. In fact I think it`s probably the best bit of AOL. (I know that`s not saying much.)

  ened 17:35 27 Aug 2008

No I disagree with your last statement.

I like AOL and find them a breath of fresh air after a decade with Freeserve and two awful years with Tiscali.

I have read and re-read your link.

The point is that I have not changed my settings. Something has gone wrong between my machine and the AOL server.

When I compare the Sent Items Folder in WM with the Sent Items folder on the server I can see that no emails have reached them since the fourteenth. The exception, for some reason, is if I send myself a mail.

I cannot send my wife mail - that leaves my computer but doean't reach the server.

I think I asled you in another thread: what do you find so good about using their on line facility?

  ened 17:38 27 Aug 2008

I sent that by mistake.

I have two problems with this: firstly it is extremely inconvenient to read an email then either try to forward it or reply. Secondly I send loads of pictures and use Elements to reduce them. I find this is the most efficient way of doing it, but it automatically uses Windows Mail.

  ened 18:17 27 Aug 2008

It would be cynical of me to suggest it had anything to do with my lengthy complaint.

Why can't any isp just be honest with us.

I have done nothing it just started working, so they must have repaired whatever the fault was which they told me didn't exist.

  rdave13 18:33 27 Aug 2008

This is the way with AOL I think. Usually their on line or telephone advisers haven't a clue what's happening. If they have enough complaints then the experts sort it out, in the background, and no feedback to us the customers. Still it's working now.

  ened 07:21 28 Aug 2008

I have checked this morning and all functions appear to have been restored.

I had been impressed with AOL but this incident simply shows they are no different from any other isp.

I nearly got into trouble because one of my missing emails from last week was important but obviously they don't care.

I have also lost confidence in the system and am goiing to have to check my important emails have arrived, which defeats the object really!

Never mind at leadt it is working for the moment.

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