.email not .eml

  Enoch 10:45 12 Feb 2005

I run XP and Outlook Express. I have no trouble with any email extensions, attachments or forwarded emails except one. I sometimes receive an email with the extension .email as opposed to .eml.and I cannot open with the .email extension.

Does anybody have any ideas please

  Gongoozler 10:56 12 Feb 2005

Hi Enoch. I think you'll find that this is in fact an eml file. Try renaming it, and it will then probably open in Outlook Express. If this works and you don't want to rename the file each time, you can set up an association for the file to always open in OE.

  Enoch 11:03 12 Feb 2005


Cannot rename as it does not give me the option so to do. You try and rename a received attachment. all you can do is open it.

How do I set up an association to open the extension .email in OE please??

  Simsy 11:17 12 Feb 2005

that you are receiving an email that has an attachment with the .email extension?

If so, save the attachment, then rename it.

Another method, which might work, is to open the email that has the attachment, making sure that it is open in a "window" rather than full screen. Then drag the attachment to your "inbox" folder in the "folders" panel of outlook express. If this drag works sucessfully you should be able to open it ok after that.

Good luck,



  Gongoozler 11:36 12 Feb 2005

Hi Enoch. You will probably have to save the file before you can rename it. When you have saved the file to a temporary location you should then be able to double click it, and will then be asked what you want to open it with. Choose Outlook Express from the list, and if you want to make the association permanent put a tick in the box to always use this program to open files of this type.

  Enoch 14:39 12 Feb 2005

Simsy, you are correct, but how do I save the attachment. My email comes in addressesd to me with the paper clip in the corner. I put my cursor on the paperclip and the PC asks me if I am sure I want to open it. Then, if I try and open it, it tells me that cannot because I have not the programme. I cannot change the extension as it cannot be done at that point, neither can I drag the attachment to "inbox" because it will not be dragged.

Gongoozler, I cannot save it because I cannot save to a temporary location without opening and if I open it I crash my PC before any save is completed.

If I am asking too much, please say because, although I would like to continue I feel that as it is not a major problem and I can live without opening the said email.

Whatever, thanks guys

  Gongoozler 14:53 12 Feb 2005

Turn off the OE preview pane and try again. View - Layout and remove the tick from "Show preview pane"

  Chezdez 14:54 12 Feb 2005

right click on the paper click > save

or when you put your pointer over the paper clip, a list of attached files shows? if so, right click the file > save

  Enoch 15:23 12 Feb 2005

Sorry guys, nothing suggested seems to work. What I have decided to do is to contact the sender of the .email to me for him to change his sending pattern. Thanks for trying, maybe we will meet again in the forum

  Gongoozler 17:31 12 Feb 2005

Hi Enoch. The absence of an association for these files shouldn't cause your computer to crash, it should just result in a box asking you what program to open them with. It's not difficult to create a new association via Windows Explorer - Tools - Folder Options - File Types. One thing you must be aware of is that .eml files can be used to carry viruses. When you contact the sender of these attachments find what is being used to generate them. I don't know any program that produces .email files.

  Enoch 18:49 12 Feb 2005


The sender kmows less than I do. All he knows is how to forward emails himself and therefore he has received the email in ".email" format and passed it on. Thanks for being constructive, but truly there is no point in contacting him. I consider myself to be of "intermediate experience" as I have been on the PC/internet about 7 years, but, I am the senior generation nevertheless.

Thanks yet again for your efforts, but we should let it go.

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