Email Mystery

  mirta 16:48 21 Aug 2006


Confused again.....

I was looking at 'Key Electronics' Web Page and I got a message I had not seen before when clicking on an Internet mail link...

“Cannot send mail. No mail program is set up to send mail using internet shortcuts”

Does anyone know how to set up a mail program in this way?


  ArrGee 16:53 21 Aug 2006

Have you set-up Outlook Express? You need to run through it and set up an account.

  DieSse 17:15 21 Aug 2006

Do you usually use Outlook Express, or webmail, or something else.

  Gongoozler 17:46 21 Aug 2006

If you're using Internet Explorer, try Tools, Internet Options, Programs, then look to see what is set as the program for Email.

  mirta 17:51 21 Aug 2006

Hi DieSse.
I use Freenetname and Yahoo Email. I have been using them for 5 years without any problem. Is it possible to avoid Outlook Express to set up email using internet shortcuts?


  Gongoozler 18:08 21 Aug 2006

Hi mirta, if you follow the path in my last posting you should be able to select whatever email program you want as long as it's on your computer. I use Mozilla Thunderbird.

  cycoze 18:09 21 Aug 2006

You need an email client installed for this to work (as far as i am aware).

Your using online email which cannot do this (as far as i am aware).

But if you hold your cursor over the Email Link you should be able to see the emal address in the bottom left of Internet Explorer or FireFox (dont know about other browsers.

You can also right click the link and "copy shortcut" (IE) or "copy email address" (FF), or right click and select properties, just copy and paste into your online email.

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