Email on a Mobile??

  Mjones68 18:00 10 Jul 2006

Hi, Could someone please help me before I spend hours and hours trying to do something that won’t work!!

I live in Belgium and have just bought a new mobile phone with GPRS Class 10, Wap 2.0 and MMS capability (Samsung X650). The nice lady in the shop was helpful but her English wasn’t great but she did say that the phone could be set up to send and receive mail (I think the cost was €0.50 per minute whilst connected in Belgium)

What I really need to know is the following:

I use Network Solutions as my ISP and when in the office, Outlook 2002 to manage all of my mail. I’m about to go on holiday and I’m hoping (praying) that my new phone can be set up to download my mail from my Network Solutions account, but will still leave the original message (Full message/attachment) on the system, to collect into my PC when I get back to my office. I also want to know if I can then send a short email reply from my mobile if necessary. I know that it won’t be constantly connected like a blackberry but hoped that it would just work like Outlook ‘Send and Receive’ and that I could check for mails 3 or 4 times each day. Does anyone know if this is possible as the User Manual with the Samsung is not at all clear and neither is the info on the Network Solutions site. Thanks very much

  sean-278262 20:20 10 Jul 2006

My opinion just leave it and if people want you they can call you. You are on holiday ie not working!

However your ISP may or may not allow you to keep the mail on the server. To be honest the best option is to just go to an internet cafe and do it that way and connect using the online version. If you really have to do it on the phone what you do is get the user manual out and then find the section where you set up email (often where MMS and all those settings are). Then just use the standard settings you use for getting the email and make sure the option is to copy and not to delete the mail. You may have to check with your ISP however if they allow it or if you need to change any settings.


  Mjones68 08:19 11 Jul 2006

Thanks for the info 'Creature of the Nite'. Unfortunately, I have to work whilst on holiday and since it's my own business I don't mind so much. I also hate the hassle of having to find an internet cafe and in Belgium, they normally always have non QWERTY keyboards which also drives me nuts.

I've checked my phone again and there is no section on Email. I've looked on the web and read something that said that some phones that are GPRS aren't set up with a POP/Email facility and I have a feeling that my phone's one of these.

Do you know of any other way that I can send and receive emails from the phone, possibly using WAP or MMS, as I'd rather do that that log onto my ISP on the phone and play around with it that way.


  SG Atlantis® 08:39 11 Jul 2006

You could try logging into your email via the WAP, if it works it'll be painfully slow and you'll be reading it all on a small squashed up screen. If you're roaming (going out of the country) WAP may not work, work differently or if it works it might be extremely expensive.

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