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  Creditman 11:01 13 Mar 2012

Recently left click on email links does not work. Left click still ok for navigating internet, but problem also when left clicking a link from website. Using mouse, Windows XPHome SP3. Any suggestionsplease? Thanks

  Woolwell 11:04 13 Mar 2012

Which browser and what is your default e-mail client?

  Creditman 11:47 13 Mar 2012

Woolwell Browser is IE8. What do you mean by "default email client " ? I should have made it clear that the problem is left clicking links contained in email messages received,e.g I could not go straight to your message from your email link, I had to find it in PCAdvisor. Thanks

  Woolwell 12:00 13 Mar 2012

What are you opening the e-mails with Outlook Express, Live Mail or webmail?

  Creditman 12:10 13 Mar 2012

Outlook Express 6.

  Woolwell 12:23 13 Mar 2012

Haven't used OE6 for many years. Have a look at this. But be wary of registry changes and create system restore point before running the last portion.

  Creditman 17:11 15 Mar 2012


Thanks. Now discovered that my IE software was corrupt & this caused the problem. All sorted now.

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