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  User-CB94CED6-F3AA-42E7-8A286564F5DCBC14 15:01 27 Nov 2009

When I am at work I can send/receive OK. There, our broadband supplier (ISP=Eclipse in UK) is the same as our email supplier. When I get home (ISP=BT) Outlook will not send. Eclipse says that this is because the smtp address is not accepted by BT so not passed on but said that if I put in BTs smtp address it may. But it doesn't - Outlook can't send. I can receive OK though.

I have other email accounts with Google but assume this will also fail.

Does anyone know why it works this way?

Is there a way around this?

  mgmcc 20:17 30 Nov 2009

The general rule is that mail must be sent using the SMTP server of the ISP with which you are connected to the internet. This is so that ISPs can restrict the use of their outgoing mail servers to their own customers, preventing them being used to send spam.

However, BT *may* impose the further restriction that only mail from a BT email address can be sent via their servers. I'm not aware of any other ISP that imposes this restriction.

Thanks, it's clear to me I cannot circumvent this behaviour at the moment. I am wondering how my ISP manages to allow it if I have their more expensive product (exchange server with emails)? They said that was a way round the problem and allows home working.

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