Email isnt Instant!

  Beep 00:47 08 Mar 2003

I keep seeing traditional letter post snidely referred to as snail mail in here. How can you say that when it takes at least 4 hours to deliver my email?

I received an email that was sent at i assume the time it was time and date stamped i.e 6/3/03 21.39.

I turned on my pc shortly before midnight and checked my email, there were no new ones. I checked it again shortly after 1am still no mail.

At 22.45 7/3/03 up come 4 emails all of which were time and date stamped prior to 22.00 6/3/03 and were not there when i checked. This always seems to happen to me - i ofen receive my emails hours after they have been sent.

Is this a fault or typcal of email? 1 have the much maligned 112Kb cable broadband connection.

I have just finished NTLs 2week 600 kb free trial and i didnt notice a blind bit of difference,

  powerless 00:50 08 Mar 2003

It would be the email servers...A delay isnt uncommon but if it keeps happening then contact NTL maybe theres a problem...

  powerless 00:51 08 Mar 2003
  Cordy13 00:56 08 Mar 2003

It can be instantaneous, I've heard emails arriving as I sent them (on telephone) but at other times they have taken HOURS to arrive. Just one of those things!

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