email & Internet- How do i keep my e-mail address

  freddy-firecracker 13:11 27 Apr 2004

Bought new PC so want to keep old e-mail address and ISP details from Old machine. Is there an easy way to transfer this info onto new machine. My Cd copier is playing up just now so i can't use it,Or are there any problems gonna come up.



  QuickHare 13:15 27 Apr 2004

What Windows are you running on your old and new machines? There's a trick if it's Windows XP on the new machine.

  Graham ® 13:19 27 Apr 2004

I would think that your ISPs installation CD would be all that is required for the new PC. If your saved emails and addresses are stored on their server, you would have those too.

  billyliv 13:30 27 Apr 2004

Hi, Take a note of all your current internet and e.mail settings (Under 'Proprties'). When you set up your new machine, using the wizards, transfer the settings you copied, ie. usernames etc. Cheers, Bill

  QuickHare 19:02 27 Apr 2004

If using Windows XP, then you can do the following:

On the old machine, put the CD in (even if not intending to upgrade it), wait for the CD to start (Autoplay) and select More Tasks or whatever the option is. Then click Transfer Settings and Files. From here, follow the instructions to put the files on Removable Storage (to put it on a harddisk). Click next. Select Custom, Next. Delete everything in the list except Windows Adress Book, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express under Settings. Next and wait. Copy the contents of the folder you saved it to to your new computer.

On the new computer, do the same but say this is the new computer. Say where the settings are stored and it will add them. Emails, address books, even Internet connection settings.

You will need to restart the computer afterwards.

It does seem long-winded, but actually it isn't very long. The longest time is waiting for it to collect the settings, and it even works on Windows 95 machines to Windows XP. That's what I did on mine.

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