Email inbox hide-and-seek

  Wilham 16:27 20 Aug 2006

Why does the occasional email in my Outlook Express Inbox not appear in its proper place? I've just had 4 new emails,.. 3 are at the top but the 4th I've had to find by searching a long way down the table. I see it's spam, so can this out-of-order be planned by the sender?

  FelixTCat 16:30 20 Aug 2006


You have probably set the window to display emails in date order ascending. If the spam had an earlier date attached to it, it will appear down the list.

You can change the order of emails by clicking once or twice on the label of any column.



  Wilham 16:51 20 Aug 2006

Felix: I have in the past tested Ascending and Descending orders. But this is for a settled system,...the latest at the top. The spam ( A Check-your-banking details), dated today, is far removed down the listing.

I've looked at properties. If it is deliberate I'm puzzled how it's done.

  palinka 19:54 20 Aug 2006

It's possible that your "sort by" order has slipped -it happens if your finger slips at a critical moment. Check again that it is still saying sort by Received as well as either Ascending or Descending.

  Wilham 21:02 20 Aug 2006

palinka: Possible but I don't think so here. It usually happens to the last email of a string of four or more coming together.

My mind goes back a couple of years when I found some of the emails I'd written had not been despatched despite listed as sent. With help from this forum I decided Norton 2003 coupled with my over-indulgence with updates was to blame. Every time I saw update I ran it. I didn't realise Norton at that time loaded, needed or not, and positioned yet another filter in the outward email scan. It led to the Norton scan causing a time-out on the messages being sent. Clean start with N 2003 cleared the problem. Later I switched entirely to AVG free edition.

I recall this because every day now I get an AVG loading of 3 or 4 auto updates. AVG checks my incoming emails. Could there be a similar 'time out' for the inbox load/sequence system? If so I would expect not to be alone with the problem.
I'll look at the AWG checks at end of the next isolated emails, and contact AVG.

I'd appreciate other thoughts. Thanks palinka.

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