Email to a Hotmail Address From Virgin ISP

  peter99co 21:02 12 Feb 2009

I use Vista (Windows Mail)and Outlook on XP

I was send mail to a friend and was not receiving any answers. It turned out he was not receiving the mail at all. He has a folder with 51 sent mails from me previously. (Last mail recd was Dec 2008) I sent a mail to another person who knew him to see if they knew of a problem. They contacted him and he sent a mail from (2)

I sent mail to his other Hotmail address (2) and they arrived. The first mail address (1) is live and receiving from his other contacts.

I can receive from both his mail addresses )1 and 2). If I repy to both only the (2) address is received by him.

Any clues where to start?
Is it me or him who has the fault?

None of the sent mail has ever returned and if I mail him his (1) mail address as hypercode it is correct and works for him (send to himself)

This problem is same regardless which Home machine I use to mail him.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:08 12 Feb 2009

Could be that he has inadvertently added you to his spam filtering. Ask him to check.

  peter99co 21:25 12 Feb 2009

I have asked if he has blacklisted me but he said he would not do that. I will ask about Spam filter though. I use mailwasher at my end. He is a webmaster and may have filters set.

  peter99co 22:28 13 Feb 2009

I have now sent him a mail using a different (sender) address. This mail arrived at his (1) address. He now thinks the problem is at his end.

He said he has checked blocks and filters. Can you advise where he should check now?

Does Hotmail have a way of removing/deleting mail before it gets to him.

The mail I have sent to test connection has also used the CC and BCC options using both his mail addresses and (1) fails (2)always get through

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