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  Kate B 20:16 28 Mar 2008

Hello folks - been a while.

I'm after recommendations for a really good email host. I own my .com domain name but don't have a website to host.

What I need is to be able to set up a handful of users: [email protected] (not my real domain) who can then access their accounts by POP3/Imap as they choose plus webmail. No need for Exchange facilities

Ideally I'd like an Exchange mailbox for myself, one that will push mail to my Windows Mobile 6 device without me having to hit send/receive on it or set up a schedule for it to do so. I also want to be able to access that primary inbox via POP3/Imap and webmail.

I also want server-side spam filtering - ie spam assassin or similar - that identifies spam on its way in and diverts it so that it doesn't end up either on my PC in or on my mobile. I want to be able to see what it's catching and adjust if necessary.

An autoresponder would be nice but not vital.

And I need to be able to route email via an SMTP server that doesn't get rejected: at present I route my POP3 email via gmail because the SMTP mailserver I have at the moment via my host isn't acknowledged by the big providers like Hotmail etc so quite often people just don't get email from me if it's sent via

I suppose I might at some point put some kind of content on a website and I'd prefer that on a Linux server, with php, MySQL etc, so that I can have a Wordpress blog and a Gallery photo site. None of that, though, is vital.

Any suggestions? At the moment I'm paying £75 a year for a service run by a mate of my brother's who provides Squirrelmail, which I like as a webmail client, and spam assassin filtering, but who seems incapable of making my email reliable. Happy to pay that sort of level: my email is really important to me.

Thanks, all ...

  STREETWORK 20:50 28 Mar 2008

For £75 you can transfer your domain to another hosting client, such as easypace or 1 to 1.

Once set up you can use the control panel they provide on thier website to set up email for forwarding, etc. Also you get a shed load of webspace to use...

  Forum Editor 21:26 28 Mar 2008

at HeartInternet Kate.

If you pick the right hosting package with them they'll provide you with all the POP services you've mentioned, and you'll have your own smtp server.

You'll have the ability to use your own Exchange server, too, if you like, but that will mean changing the MX record of your DNS settings for the domain that you want to run mail on, so it points to your Exchange server.

No problems with the website requirements - you'll get everything you've mentioned.

  Kate B 21:46 28 Mar 2008

Peter, thanks for this, I've had a cruise around the Heart website and it looks as though it does pretty much everything I need, though I can't see a package that offers Exchange mail - am I missing something? Streetwork, thank you also for your suggestion.

  Forum Editor 09:11 29 Mar 2008

You'll need to be running (or have access to) your own Exchange server. Most reasonably-sized commercial organisations run an Exchange server.

  Patr100 12:43 30 Mar 2008

By the way, If your current domain registrar doesn't provide the servies you need, there's no way it costs £75 to transfer, more like 10 percent of that figure. don't get ripped off.

  Forum Editor 14:00 30 Mar 2008

I don't think Kate's £75 is for a transfer.

  Patr100 17:25 30 Mar 2008

I am referring to Steetwork's comment:

"For £75 you can transfer your domain to another hosting client, such as easypace or 1 to 1."

The cost of any hosting or rttother services is surely another matter, aside from the transfer itself.

  Kate B 18:11 30 Mar 2008

It's not going to cost me £75 to transfer, but thanks for the concern: that's what I pay at the moment to host my non-existent website and for my email.

Thank you all for the input on this. I am pondering ...

  Forum Editor 19:55 30 Mar 2008

is the push email service, and to be honest you may find it easier to solve if you use a Treo 700, 650, or 680.

There's some open-source software called Z-push, which I hear works pretty well, although it needs a compatible back-end. At the moment it works with IMAP and the maildir backend.

Might be worth investigating - it's a free download from click here

  Forum Member2 13:00 01 Apr 2008

You should use click here the spam filtering it great

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