Email has me in a spin!

  Vonnie 18:57 16 May 2003

I recently changed my Emails from Outlook to Incredimail which is a great service. But after suspecting that some of my messages were not reaching their intended recipients I decided to revert back to Outlook as my default. Since then it has been chaos!

Any new message pays a quick visit to my Outlook Inbox and then decides 'I don't like it here' and moves over to Incredimails Inbox instead! This is dispite the fact that Incredimail is not even open. (It is the Incredimail Notifier that tells me I have a new message.)

The Outlook message either dissapears from Outlook completely or finds its way into my deleted items even though I have not deleted it!

When I delete messages from Incredimail they reappear in my Outlook Deleted box as an unread message; and any attempt to move them to my Inbox just redirects them to Incredimail and not Outlook.

It is like Incredimail is stealing the messages and then gives them back once it has finished with them!

Am I going mad or is there a simply explanation for this? I use XP home and Outlook is (or should be) my default Email server.


  jazzypop 19:13 16 May 2003

Have you uninstalled Incredimail yet (using Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs)?

If not, do so.

  Valvegrid 19:14 16 May 2003

I'm sorry Vonnie, it's very unkind of me, but I was splitting my sides reading that, poor you.
Seriously though, have tried uninstalling Incredimail?
Hopefully thinks might go back to normal.


  Vonnie 19:32 16 May 2003

Thanks guys.

I know that uninstalling is always an option, but I do actually like using Incredimail and still would like to messages from it from time to time. I was hoping for a less drastic solution.

Glad to give you a laugh Valvegrid, no point taking these problems too serious!

  jazzypop 19:47 16 May 2003

Incredimail is the number one cause of email-related problems that I am asked to solve. My advice is always to uninstall it. The problems it creates are just not worth the benefits of pretty pictures.

I am aware that it can be installed and work just fine - but if you are one of the many who is getting strange behaviour with it, my best advice is to simply uninstall it.

  Wak 19:59 16 May 2003

I use both OE and Incredimail and have found that the trick in keeping them separated is to NEVER leave the incredimail icon on the task bar near the clock.
If you use Incredimail and then use FILE/ EXIT, the icon will remain near the clock and any further incoming mail will automatically be sent to Incredimail folders.
When you have finished using Incredimail, ALWAYS right click the icon and select EXIT.
I think that will solve your problem.
Please confirm if it does.

  Forum Editor 20:20 16 May 2003

If Incredimail is left running in the background you'll continue to experience problems.

Close the program as Wak suggests when you want to use Outlook and you should have no further trouble.

  Vonnie 22:34 16 May 2003

Thanks for all your responses! Will take the advice of Wak & close down Incredimail when I have finished using it - have just tested it Wak and all seems to be fine now! Thanks!

  keith-236785 00:06 17 May 2003

Vonnie if this is now fixed don't forget to tick the thread as solved, glad you got it sorted

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