Email forwarding / "send as" - Outlook 2007

  Nabowla 21:17 13 Sep 2009


I'm having problems configuring the "send as" option in Outlook 2007 and wondered if anyone could help me.

At the moment Outlook is configured to send email to/from the address provided by my broadband supplier. I also have an alumni email address which is basically a forwarding service: anything sent to that address gets forwarded on to my broadband email address and arrives in my Outlook inbox.

Outlook 2003 was set up so that whenever I replied to anything sent to my alumni address and forwarded to me, the sender address on the reply was listed as "[email protected]" Now that I've migrated to Outlook 2007 the sender address comes up as "[email protected] on behalf of [email protected]" I don't want anyone to see the email address linked to the broadband provider. Is there any way that I can cut out the "on behalf of" bit of the sender address when I reply to emails?

Thanks in advance.

  Woolwell 23:24 13 Sep 2009

Instead of forwarding the alumni e-mail can you configure Outlook to collect direct from the alumni server? In this way you would have 2 e-mail accounts in Outlook and choose to reply accordingly.

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