Email favourites?

  Simsy 09:35 22 Mar 2007


Like most folk, I use Outlook Express for my email. I'm perfectly happy with it, but for one thing...

It would be really nice to have a "favourites" list of email addresses. Sure, the "contacts" list is readily available, but I have about 150 contacts in there... it would be nice to have a toolbar, (or similar), with my most used half dozen or so addresses on...

Does anyone know if there are any other email progs that have this feature?




  Enoch 10:00 22 Mar 2007

Highlight "Main Identity's Contacts", right click. The click "New" and you will see a drop down which will give you choices. Possibly you will require "New Group". Then copy and paste contacts from the "Main Identity Contacts" into the new grouping and then you can delete the copied contacts from the original "Main"

  Simsy 10:20 22 Mar 2007

I can't even do the first step;

"Highlight "Main Identity's Contacts", right click"...

I'm not sue I follow that, simple though it may be!...

And even if I could, I'm not sure it would give me what I seek...

I have about 150 contact in my list... more often than not I want to send an email to a single recipient, and more often than not it's to one of only about half a dozen folk, (i.e. family members). I'm not looking to send to a group.

What I'm after is an abridged contacts list... At the moment to send an email to my wife, at her work, I have to scroll half way down the contacts list... What's needed is something liek an OE version of the "links" bar in Internet Explorer.

(I've tried Pegasus, Thunderbird and Eudora... none of those seem to have it either)




  Shas 10:31 22 Mar 2007

You could give the ones you want to segregate an A-prefix, for example, A-wife's name; A-son's name; A-brother's name, etc. That way your 'favourites' would all be alphabetically at the top of the list.

  MAJ 10:35 22 Mar 2007

I know what you mean, Simsy, I had the same 'problem'. What I did was (almost like Enoch's suggestion) open the Address Book, create a new folder (name it something apt, like Friends, for example) and put all my friends names in there. Then when I "create a new mail", I click on the Address Book icon beside the "To" field, choose the "Friends"folder from the dropdown menu and there they all are.

  Simsy 10:47 22 Mar 2007

I was thinking along the lines you mention Shas...

It just seems to me strange that such a useful feature isn't present.

Thanks anyway...
I'll save ticking for a while in case anyone else comes up with a more positive result.



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