Email disappeared

  skeletal 16:19 23 Mar 2007

I have just received an email, but it was sent a month ago. After some confusion, we established the sender definitely didn’t just send it, it really was a month ago.

How can an email get lost for a month?

Has this happened to anyone else?


  anskyber 16:32 23 Mar 2007

Not for a month but up to two weeks yes. I sent two emails to a Tiscali user, it took nearly two weeks for them to arrive.

  Simsy 16:43 23 Mar 2007

data transmission, is that any file is, in fact, split into smaller bits, called packets...

Think of when you order something mail order, that consists of several parcels... the parcels will be marked, if there are 3 parcels, "1 of 3", "2 of 3", "3 of 3"...

Until all 3 parcels arrive with you, you haven't received it... It's the same with emails...

Each little package has the address on, so each bit should get there, eventually, but until all the bits get there you don't get any of it... and the pieces may go different routes...

Normally, as well all experience, email are pretty much instantaneous, but a blockage anywhere in the system can cause a slowdown, meaning the pieces are more likley to go different routes... the chances are increased if there are attachment(s), and the bigger the files the more likely it is.

And there can be holdups with servers!

The worst I have expereinced wasn't quite as bad as you...

I once had 4 emails, sent within a few minutes of each other, reach me over a period of 3 days... and the quickest took 8 days!

It's very rare though.

I hope my explanation helps... with apologies for the simple nature of it... and even bigger apologies if it's actually wrong!! It's my understanding of what happens.



  skeletal 17:04 23 Mar 2007

No probs Simsy: a good explanation and obviously something happened, but even thinking of it split into many parts, where did the parts go!?

I looked more carefully at the email, it was actually sent on the 2 of Feb so it is around 7 weeks, not a month.

And it was a short email.

So it looks like I “win” ATM...anskyber’s two weeks is a good challenge, but you’ve got to do better!


  cocteau48 17:41 23 Mar 2007

Last weekend TalkTalk had an email server "issue" which they said was resolved and that no emails would be lost.
This morning I received 48 emails all dated 16/17th March.
So it gives some indication of just how much of a backlog the system is capable of stacking up and holding before release.
I do not pretend to understand what is going on but it took me by surprise.

  p;3 18:18 23 Mar 2007

it is therefore quite surprising that the mails ever arive 'in one piece ' then as, effectively , they DONT::))

  skeletal 09:21 03 Apr 2007

This is getting silly, and very confusing. I have just received two more emails, this time sent on 13th Feb; once again that’s a 7 week delay!

I hope this isn’t the start of a new computer/email/internet phenomenon; if it is you heard it hear first!


  Simsy 10:58 03 Apr 2007

it an issue with a server somewhere... If you're getting other emails Ok it's probably at the senders end.

Obviously, as usual, I'm open to correction!



  skeletal 11:58 03 Apr 2007

Simsy: I think you are correct. The problem is always from the same source (perfectly legit and they aren't aware of doing anything wrong).

I'm having to be very careful, because we are doing a series of things together, so I say things like "have you booked the hotel" and get a reply "hotel booked", but the reply is for an event weeks ago!!

As if life was not complex enough!


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