Email from "Darling" ?

  3tg 14:23 04 Feb 2004

I received an email fom "Darling" subject Date Invitation. Of course I deleted it (I have disabled the preview pane as advised by forum members). I was wondering if there is anyway I can access a list of Viruses to see if such names are listed ?. I have AVG and Zone Alarm.

  MidgetMan 15:10 04 Feb 2004
  plsndrs3 16:03 04 Feb 2004

I got a similar email and quarantined it. Looked at it on a seperate P75 PC that has no internet access and is used solely for suspicious emails and virus checking. It said that I had spoken to this <person> in a chatroom & she liked what she learnt about me. I was invited to visit a website to see more of her & continue the *naughty* conversation. I don't go in chat rooms, had never heard of this woman and didn't click on the hyperlink - although I did have to buy some flowers to appease the missus!

More daring [single] friends have said that clicking on the hyperlink takes you to an adult site and downloads a dialler trojan to connect via an 0991 number. They also use broadband, so this made no effect & was simply removed.



  Stuartli 17:53 04 Feb 2004

Providing you have OE's Preview Pane disabled (which should be a mandatory and permanent action), you can look at any e-mail by highlighting it with one click, then choosing Properties from the menu; you can then read the header and, from Message Source, the message itself.

To exit click Cancel and then delete the e-mail whilst it is still highlighted using the Delete button on the Toolbar.

  Forum Editor 18:11 04 Feb 2004

if you religiously delete every email that isn't from someone you know.

I don't find it too difficult to recognise safe mail from suspect stuff, and I receive over two hundred messages a day on average - even after the spam filters have done their job. Real people very rarely send email with provocative subject lines,and if you regularly receive attachments from certain people you can easily set up a system to fail safe.

I arrange for all my clients and business correspondents to include a special keyword in the subject line of any email that contains an attachment. I know that any mail with the keyword is genuine - a virus can't use the word - and is OK to open. In several years the system hasn't let me down once, and I can't remember when I last had a virus or a dialer on any of my machines.

  Rennaissance 18:56 04 Feb 2004

Norton Antivirus is very reliable. I use outlook express usually to check my mail and have recieved a couple of mydoom viruses and my antivirus deleted the attachment straight away, no questions asked. Live update of virus is also useful.

  3tg 19:14 04 Feb 2004

I find this forum most helpfull, I never open an email that I dont know the sender, I just wonder who started this whole virus business in the first place.I did have Norton, I even paid another years subs, however on reinstalling the computer including Norton it would not acknowledge my subscription. I now have AVG which serves me well enough. Cheers all.

  3tg 19:18 04 Feb 2004

Like yourself I never visit chatrooms, I usually spend spare time perusing this site, it;s always interesting !. Cheers

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