Email - copy into New mail?

  polymath 21:17 28 Jan 2003

I want to sign & send on an anti-war petition, which asks me to copy it into a New Mail & send it, rather than forward it. I can't find a way to do it - am I just being dim?

  polymath 21:20 28 Jan 2003

Forgot to mention I use Outlook Express.

  spikeychris 21:24 28 Jan 2003

My understanding would be to copy the content and then paste to new mail but how does it find its way to the final recipient?


  Ironman556 21:26 28 Jan 2003

Highlight it all using ctrl + a, press ctrl + c to copy, then open a new mail & press ctrl + v to paste. If you can't copy it striaight from the original message, try forward, then copy & paste it.

  Ironman556 21:27 28 Jan 2003

It probably asks to send it to everyone you know or somthing... I've had a few for various things (including to win a holiday!!!), but always ignored them.

  polymath 21:54 28 Jan 2003

Thanks for the suggestions, Ironman556. They didn't work for me - maybe it's some setting I've got wrong? I think I tried your 1st step before, but using menus as I hadn't learned the keystrokes. Same results so far - New Mail stays blank.
After pressing Forward, my Copy button's greyed out.
I have 2 of these petitions, from different friends. One has the >s on the left that appear on forwarded emails. But they're absent on the other, so I suppose all the previous signers of that one found a way to copy it?

  Tazfan 22:56 28 Jan 2003

What about going to file, save, and save somewhere. Open a new email, and add the file you saved as an attachment.

  PSF 23:14 28 Jan 2003

Another way to copy the e-mail is:

open the e-mail right click the window and the click on 'select all' The text will then be highlighted blue, right click again and then left click on the copy option.

Then click on Create new mail, in the main window right click and select paste, this will then copy all the text from the original e-mail.

Type in the address in the 'To' box and then send it.

The other way to copy the text is to left click and hold at the begining of the text, the move the mouse down to the bottom of the page. As you do this the text will be highlighted in blue again. When you get to the bottom let go of the left button and right click and select copy.

Create a new e-mail as above and right click and select paste, add address and send.

  DieSse 01:38 29 Jan 2003

Why not send out an "anti Saddam Hussein" petition instead - or an "anti mass extermination of your own people with chemical weapons petition"

(Just in the interests of balance, you understand)

  polymath 20:15 30 Jan 2003

I was being dim, after all that! I was clicking Copy from the menu at the top, & hadn't realised it was available with a right-click in the message space.
Thanks for the help, everyone.

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