Email composition query....

  magnus35 18:33 25 May 2007

How do you insert a picture/animation into the body of an email message rather than adding it as an attachment ?

I do not use outlook Express .

  VoG II 18:35 25 May 2007

What do you use?

  €dstowe 18:38 25 May 2007

You might be wasting your time and effort if your recipient's email system doesn't accept graphics in this way.

  magnus35 23:31 25 May 2007

I use Tiscali email .

The reason I'm asking is that people have sent me messages which included pictures / clipart / gif animations and I would like to know how it's done .
A prize crossword competition , which I often enter , allows the solution to be sent by email , however , I can only do this by scanning the document and attaching it to an email containing my details . I reckon that my chances of winning might be improved if the person receiving my entry could read it immediately rather than have to open an attachment .

  MAJ 08:31 26 May 2007

When you scan your document (I assume it's an image of your completed crossword), upload it to Imageshack click here. Leave the imageshack page open when your image has been uploaded successfully.
Now go to your Tiscali email page and compose a new email, but make sure "HTML" is selected in the "Format" box. You will notice that a new toolbar appears. When you are ready to insert your picture, click in the email where you want to insert the picture, then click on the "add image" icon on the new toolbar (it looks like a snowcapped mountain). A dialog box will appear asking you to insert the URL of your image.
Now go back to the imageshack page and copy the "Direct link to image" URL and paste it into that dialog box on your Tiscali email page, and click OK.
Your image should now appear in the body of your email.

If you were to use an email client like Outlook Express, you could make inserting images a little easier.

  magnus35 09:21 26 May 2007

Thank you very much MAJ for your detailed instructions .

I did as suggested but , unfortunately , the image isn't there , just a box with a red cross . Is there something which needs to be ticked / unticked in order to allow the picture to be seen and is there a security reason behind the blocking of images in emails ?

  MAJ 09:41 26 May 2007

There is a security reason for blocking images in emails, magnus35, it's becaus some viruses can use that as a way in to your system. That's another reason some users don't send and receive their email in HTML format, they use the text format only. I'm guessing that your recipient will probably be using the text format also and will only receive your email in that format and not see your image in any case, but that wouldn't stop you inserting it in your email. I can't see an option in my Tiscali email settings that would cause your new problem. The red cross usually means that the image can't be found, so I can only guess that maybe the URL has been typed in incorrectly.

  cocteau48 10:00 26 May 2007

Your concerns about how easily your crossword entry is viewed and whether it may increase your chances of winning are,I believe,unfounded.
The procedure for finding a winner in most cases is that ALL entries are lumped together and a prospective winner is drawn. That entry is checked to see if it is correct - if it is then it is the winner -if not then another entry is drawn and so on.
It is not the case that all entries are checked and the winner drawn only from the correct ones - sorry to disappoint.

  MAJ 10:13 26 May 2007

on re-reading your last post.......... you say "the image isn't there , just a box with a red cross"

Do you mean that the image isn't there when you insert it while composing your email, or, do you mean when you receive the email, assuming you tested it by sending it to yourself?

Tiscali is having a lot of problems with their SMTP servers at the moment, so a lot of users can't send mail in any case, not that that would affect your ability to see an inserted image in the email you are composing, but thought I would mention it in case you're thinking of sending one.
I hope you havea backup email account like Gmail for example, it's not a good idea to rely solely on your ISP's email account.

  magnus35 17:16 26 May 2007

Cocteau48 : I realise that not every entry is checked , however full details of the selection procedure have not been revealed .

In general , when attempting to grab the attention of the recipient of a message , surely it would be helpful to present a comprehensive and eyecatching layout . Someone dealing with large volumes of mail might otherwise just not feel it is worth the bother to open an attachment .

MAJ : Nothing was sent as the picture was not visible after the email had been composed as instructed . A further attempt , with a different photo , produced the same result - a white box with a small red cross in the top left corner . Right clicking the box and selecting ‘show picture ’ had no effect . Right clicking the box and selecting ‘properties ’ displayed , in the description , ’ Protocol - Unknown Protocol ’ , whatever that means .

I read somewhere that the reason for blocking html content in emails is that spammers can include a single , invisible to the naked eye , pixel which enables them to verify that the email account is active .

My confirmation of order messages from amazon also have little boxes with red crosses where there should be images . I’m sure it wasn’t always this way . Maybe it has something to do with the recent changes to the tiscali mail service . I’ve looked at their anti spam measures bit in email but can’t see anything relevant . In IE , Tools , Internet Options , Show Pictures is checked so it isn’t that .

Your advice so far has been most welcome and helpful but , unfortunately , I’m still stumped .

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