Email can't block?

  little evo 20:21 24 Jan 2007

I have been recieving Emails thatI can't block they keep on coming back by a different Email address, they do vary a little but are essentially the same, I dont read them all but they seem to be about investment in example of address is:-

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
I have tried to block over 100 of these but they still keep coming. I have run spybot & AVG anti virus which show clean.
Hopefully yours

Little Evo.

  Belatucadrus 20:42 24 Jan 2007

Welcome to the wonderful world of spam, unfortunately it's pretty much unavoidable and anti virus & Anti spyware products can't help as there's nothing wrong with your PC. You can either keep on deleting it in the hope they go away or you can try a spam filter click here. Whatever you do, NEVER reply and don't bother bouncing spam.

  mad1234 20:53 24 Jan 2007

i am suffering with the same thing. i get around 2000 spams a week. i will be trying one of those spam filters.
little evo i hope your doesn't get as bad as mine.

  chocolate cake 20:55 24 Jan 2007

The only sure way of stopping these things is to change your email address.

Don't spend any money on those spam filters. They don't catch all of them.

  VoG II 20:55 24 Jan 2007

Try Mailwasher click here

  Belatucadrus 21:15 24 Jan 2007

The spam filters listed are all freeware, no spend required.

  chocolate cake 21:16 24 Jan 2007

Fine. Don't spend money on them then!!!!!

  Terry Brown 21:31 24 Jan 2007

The best spam catcher you can get is one you make yourself-Very easily.

Create rules to filter out the emails you want to receive (i.e. family, friends, finance etc), and leave the rest in the INBOX. A quick scan through the inbox to check if there is any thing you want, otherwise just delete them all. Your important messages have been transferred to your folders that you created by rules.

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