Email bouncing between servers

  Scribbler 16:22 26 Jan 2003

A friend recently sent me (and others) an Email with an attachment which was a single page of scanned-in text and pictures. I first received 3 identical copies and deleted them all because of the file size (20 MB each). That was 6 days ago. Since then I've getting about 10-12 copies a day of the same thing. Every time this happens I get a note from my ISP (BT) because of the excessive size of my mail-box. Although I rigorously delete them they keep returning. It isn't happening to any of the other recipients. My friend feels very embarrassed about it and took it up with her ISP, Freeserve. They said there must be a fault with the BT mail-box system.
BT say it definitely is not - they have also deleted it for me but it keeps returning to their server. It seems to be harder to get someone from Freeserve to investigate than BT who have been very professional and helpful, although since the problem is not with them they cannot do much. Putting her Email address on the blacklist via Tools & Messages is not the answer because they still arrive at the BT server.
Has anybody else had this happen? Does anybody have a solution?

  Lú-tzé 17:23 26 Jan 2003

Maybe there is a problem with your friends email prog? Tell her to delete the message and attachment from her email client and see what happens.

Does it come to you even if she does not connect to the net?

That is just a thought - it is a strange situation.

  Scribbler 17:52 26 Jan 2003

Yes, it keeps coming even if her computer is not switched on. I get several copies overnight.

  Lú-tzé 17:55 26 Jan 2003

Well, it sounds as if it is down to freeserve - sorry that I can't help otherwise.

  Forum Editor 18:40 26 Jan 2003

as if the problem is with the Freeserve SMTP server, and I think your friend has to complain much harder.

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