email to aol

  alan2k1 10:14 02 Jan 2005

i have been sending a email with a pic as an atatchement to several email addresses. These have been recieved ok except those sent to aol email adresses, after nealy a day i have just recieved a postmaster message "delivery status delayed" i am sending from

any ideaswhats going on ?



  alan2k1 10:58 02 Jan 2005


  Diemmess 11:05 02 Jan 2005

May be that Hotmail is hard pressed and is very picky about transmitting to more than one address at a time.

From personal experience (I use Aol) a hotmail user with (local parish council) has the same difficulty sending data but never has trouble receiving it from the rest of the group and neither do they when sending stuff themselves.

  alan2k1 11:25 02 Jan 2005

thanks Diemmess the emails were sent individually. I have today tried sending email to the same recipient without any atatchment and it seems the same thing is happening

  JIM 11:32 02 Jan 2005

Tried sending it to your self?

  alan2k1 11:36 02 Jan 2005

sent it to myself and others without any problems it just 2 people both of which have aol email addys

  palinka 11:44 02 Jan 2005

this is a common problem with aol (good reason in my view not to use aol, but I don't want to provoke a great debate on this!)
AOL, being rather a "nanny state" likes to "protect" its subscribers from anything that aol perceives as a possible "nasty".
I regularly send emails to a group of 22 people and all are delivered without problem except for the sole aol one. Actually we've got it fixed now - the recipient with aol had to tell aol to let stuff through (don't know how he did it)and now he receives my emails; with and without attachments.

  JIM 11:51 02 Jan 2005

Yep one of the mystery type problems by the sounds of it.I take it you can IM them, file post etc via IM.

If that be the case is there anyone close to you that has AOL,and will let you sign on as a guest,to see if mail will be recieved from there system.

Sorry about not being too clear, reason why you should try it that way.!

  alan2k1 11:57 02 Jan 2005

that sounds very like my problem

do any aol users know how to allow an individuals email ?



  alan2k1 12:43 02 Jan 2005


  Diemmess 12:45 02 Jan 2005

Do they?

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