E:Mail Adres

  ol blueeyes 14:40 08 Oct 2009

\has anyone else hfound that here are others with the same E:Mail Address as themselves ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:47 08 Oct 2009

why do you think someone else has your email address?

  ol blueeyes 14:57 08 Oct 2009

First of all Amazon told me of 2 other names and addresses that used the same E:Mail Address. Virgin denied it.
Now in a google search I got my E:Mail Address with some one elseses Name Address Telephone Number Last 4 Digits of their Visa Card also how much they spent and where they spent it and exactly what they bought.
I have checked checked checked and rechecked their E:Mail Adress is EXACTLY the same as mine.
Don't worry virgin were the first to know.

  ol blueeyes 15:27 08 Oct 2009

Oh ' I should have said. I've never liked Google so never had an account. But I decided to open one to see what I could find out. When trying to open an account and entered my E:Mail address I was told I already had an account and if i couldn't remember my Password I could change it. So I did but they didn't want to know any other informatiom so I changed the pass word . Then when logging onto the Site up came an Address in the Midlands with all the information. But I live just outside bristol

  woodchip 15:37 08 Oct 2009

I think its the Same person YOU

  rdave13 15:41 08 Oct 2009

Might have been an expired email account? click here

  ol blueeyes 15:46 08 Oct 2009

Definately NOT me i checked again the address is not mine the Telphone number is not mine and the address Bellshill is between Glasgow and Edinburgh I live in the west Country. nAlso the Company that he/she bought from I've never heard of ththe items were Extra Large where as I am normal. Also I have checked my Bank Account for the month inquestion and NO such purchase was made from my Account
But his raises a Credit Status worry for us all we could be Blacklised through no fault of our own.

  ol blueeyes 15:50 08 Oct 2009

If that is the case that surely means we can change other peoples password with impunity

  ol blueeyes 21:12 08 Oct 2009

Just seen an item on ""Consumerwatch"" re Google owned by Mafia perhps that is someway to answering my Problem. Though they will not get much from me

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