@ in email address is not working

  Hetti 19:13 08 Jun 2012

I have ha to get an old PC out of storage as my 6 month old Dell has had to be sent back for repair, ut when I need to type my email address the usual shift+@ does not work,I tried combining @ with all of the F keys that wont work eithier. Anyone know the combo please? Had to use hubbys laptop to type this as I would not have been able to do the@ on old one "I dont know the correct name fot it"

  chub_tor 19:17 08 Jun 2012

Has it reverted to a US keyboard where the @ is Shift + 2

  Hetti 19:25 08 Jun 2012

I have tried setting PC to Enlish UK as It was USA but its still the same.

  Hetti 19:27 08 Jun 2012

chub_tor thanks That did it....... Thanks again

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