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  Jule 12:59 05 Jan 2008

i am considering moving from aol as i have just bought a new computer and i need a new modem to work with vista apparently. i would say aol have been reasonable but definitely not great and now seems to be a good time to consider changing. i go online about 4 hours a day and download occasional songs, video clips, puzzles, programmes. i don't know whether this makes me a light user or not, i'm afraid the download limits, speeds etc are a foreign language to me. would i definitely lose my current email address? will i be supplied with a free modem? i don't want to pay anymore than £15 per month but would consider a package with phone calls. does anyone have any recommendations, customer care is very important to me. the comparison sites seem to be of use only if you know a lot already.
any help appreciated

  Kemistri 13:16 05 Jan 2008

If CS is important, you should go with a good package from an independent such as Zen. Most good packages are wires-only, which is a good thing in my opinion: I would rather choose my own hardware. £15 p/m is possible, but limits your choice - the best providers cost a little bit more than that, but you get a lot of features (better than free phone calls), good service, and often better speed with little or no throttling.

Yes, you will say goodbye to current e-mail addresses; that's one reason why quite a lot of people use addresses on their own domains or free webmail accounts. I opt for the former.

You not a light user, particularly, but you really should keep an eye on your bandwidth usage so that you know what you need. I have 20GB p/m and fill most of it with uploads - you won't, so I think maybe 5GB will suit you just fine. But please check.

click here

  Ex plorer 13:26 05 Jan 2008

Hi I am going on personal experience.
I was with BT for some years and changed to Tiscali.
I wasn't thinking when I changed over and lost a load of personal email addresses and also letters etc as BT shut down my account fair enough I suppose but drastic for me.
I have found Tiscali to have a very good email service and to date have had good customer care and was suplied with the nesassary modem on signing up with them.
My personal experience with Tiscali is a recommendation.

  anskyber 13:26 05 Jan 2008

A lot of questions here.

To start with have a look at sites like this one, click here On the whole ISPs will give a free modem but not all. Many will offer things at the expense of longer contract periods.

E Mail addresses from you current ISP often live on for a short while before they are deactivated once you leave them. I would bank on changing your email address as a requirement of changing your service provider.

Customer care is important to me too and often cheap and good do not go together, my linked site will offer advice on that issue. From what you say I think you are a light user and a 2GB download limit should work for you.

I happen to use Zen who are superb, particularly with customer care but it is not cheap. They have a facility to buy at low cost extra download on a monthly basis if you do go above their here

  anskyber 13:28 05 Jan 2008

We seem to have overlapped with our advice, I should have refreshed the page first.

  Ex plorer 13:31 05 Jan 2008

Hi again this is some of Tiscalies Packages click here

  Diemmess 14:02 05 Jan 2008

If you have been with Aol for some years, badger them for a reduced sub without mentioning the Vista problem.
£9.99 is all I've paid for some time now, currently on a reliable 2Gb.
You are satisfied and they do respond to any complaints.

If you need a new modem for Vista, buy it yourself (when you discover exactly which one) and offset that cost against the reduced sub.
No need to become involved in a new contract.

Any help if required to set it up will be forthcoming in this forum

  Jule 15:55 05 Jan 2008

i remembered that aol had sent me a free wireless router last year that wouldn't work with my old computer. i have installed it now and it seems to work fine!! so thanks i will stay with aol and will try & negotiate down my monthly fee, thanks very much for your advice

  Diemmess 16:33 05 Jan 2008

Glad you have managed to solve the problem without bloodshed.

Aol are no better than many others with subcontinental help phones.

Live chat is OK but doesn't deal in fiancial matters and contracts.

If you don't mind spending the paper, time, effort and stamp, then write to.

Jackie O'Leary, Vice President of Member Services.

stating -

The nature of your "complaint" (along the lines) that even as a loyal member, you are contemplating another ISP unless Aol can offer a good reduction in sub!


Your full name and address
Your AOL screen name
Telephone number

Send to:

c/o Member Services
PO BOX 2401

I has worked for me, my family different account,
and I think another forum member.

You may well receive a phone call or email if they are obliging.

  Kemistri 16:45 05 Jan 2008

"...wireless router...that wouldn't work with my old computer" - Routers work with any computer and any operating system, as long as a compatible network adapter is present. Was it the lack of an adapter that you were referring to?

If you're going to use it now, make absolutely sure that you either encrypt it with WPA or turn off the wireless service.

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