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  banzaimatrix 17:27 26 Nov 2008

Ive got to the point of exploding now with my isp, constant disconnections and poor service. I want to start searching for another but i use my email for lots of work and my wife enters competitions and its the address that is given out.
My question is can i take it to a new isp, my current email looks like this ******* and im with Nildram but need to find a better isp asap

p.s any recomendations on a good isp, currently 50gb d/l - 8mb connection.

  ^wave^ 17:33 26 Nov 2008

as far as i know no you cant take it with you maybe its best to change now and get a web based email like gmail or hotmail this can be accessed everywhere or you can wait till you get a new isp
i change to sky earlier this year so far so good

  rawprawn 17:37 26 Nov 2008

As ^wave^ says you can't take it with you. I would recommend BT Broadband 8mb max. I average 6.3 mb dowload speeds, and I have no problems at all.

  DippyGirl 18:01 26 Nov 2008

If available O2
I have 8mb unlimited - regualarly get 7050/1050 (down/up) £7.50/m as i have an o2 mobile
Great customer services

  banzaimatrix 18:09 26 Nov 2008

I currently pay £25.99, Nildram were the number 1 isp a few years ago until Ticalli took them over. Signed up for a gmail account, now time to try and get my mac code from nildram.

  octal 21:31 26 Nov 2008

Although I have got an email from my ISP I also have a Googlemail account in case I change ISP then I don't have to keep changing my email address if I decide to change providers in the future.

  ^wave^ 09:06 27 Nov 2008

i posted earlier and i started bb with homecall which got taken over by pipex still a good service till tiscali got involved then went down hill rapidly so left went to sky. the change over was very smooth too.

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