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  podlod 14:15 24 Sep 2006

Hi, could someone please explain in laymans terms my problem as follows; My wife now has a laptop and she runs off of my pc, she is online and i have downloaded a email website for her to use being incredimail, but i am not sure on how to open her email account as it keeps saying wrong email address and password and you should do this blah blah, but I dont quite understand as I am not a PC expert, pleeeeeeeze help, thanks!!

  terryf 14:20 24 Sep 2006

Are there instructions on the email site on how to set up an account on outlook expess? if that is what you are using

  terryf 14:24 24 Sep 2006

Having looked at the site hmm. why don't you consider MSN Hotmail which is free

  podlod 07:50 25 Sep 2006

Thanks terryf for your quick response and have read your remarks, but my wife wants to use incredimail, and I dont quite understand all the jargon it says, thats why I need someone to go through it slowly and explain certain things as I am a bit backward when it comes to this machine!!!!. When I tried hotmail it says I have to pay for it?

  Taff™ 08:14 25 Sep 2006

Which ISP is her e-mail account with? (Incredimail is an e-mail client like Outlook Express or Outlook) You need to manually enter the correct POP3 Incoming server and SMTP Outgoing server plus the correct Username & Password supplied by the ISP when she opened the account. Usually this is found in Tools>Accounts - but I`m no expert on Incredimail.

Post back - someone will be!

  Legolas 12:13 25 Sep 2006

Go to this site click here
and click on the link this will give you step-by-step guide to setting up an incredimail account.

  podlod 14:29 25 Sep 2006

I want to thank every one here for helping me out, but I cannot apparently have incredimail for my wife as email as the ISP is in my account, and her laptop comes off of my account, and only I can have incredimail? well thats what someonebody told me, maybe that is wrong?? can you please confirm this, thank you.

  Taff™ 12:28 26 Sep 2006

If you answer my original post we can help you. Alao are you using XP?

  podlod 14:44 26 Sep 2006

hi taff, I am using home edition XP 2000 windows, and although now she can use hotmail, she would like to use all those emicons things, you know, 3d animation etc with her email ??

  Taff™ 07:28 27 Sep 2006

click here for instructions on how to use Hotmail with Outlook Express. I can`t think of a reason why it shouldn`t work with Incredimail but as I said I`m no Incredimail expert.

To be honest I can`t see why your wife can`t simply set up her own e-mail address with either your ISP or another and use it from any computer in the world. If you tell me who your ISP is at home and her original e-mail ISP provider we can give you the settings.

  podlod 07:19 28 Sep 2006

Hi Taff, my ISP is and I have been told that I cant have outlook or incredimail for my wife as she is coming off of my computor??and I cant try as I dont have a step by step explanation on how to go about it, I know I should get more involved on knowing how to use it more but at my age I tend to forget things!! Thanks for any help Taff.

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