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  civicr 22:20 05 Jul 2007

How do i set up a email account for the wife in outlook express . I use sky b/band and have the use of 5 accounts , and cant remember how to set up. Im led to believe a sub account has to be set up but im clue less.

  ArrGee 22:48 05 Jul 2007

I don't have Sky BBand myself, but I would assume that you can firstly log on to your account and then have the option to set-up sub accounts from there.

  Ashrich 23:24 05 Jul 2007

Don't be surprised when in a few weeks time you Sky email fails , it happens a lot , they will do everything to get you to use Hotmail or Googlemail or suchlike , they are having big trouble with their servers and can't be bothered to do anything about it . This happened to a colleague of mine , she phoned them constantly to have a moan about it , they just quote " We only guarantee Internet , not email " so I had a google around and found that it has happened to loads of Sky punters . Be warned ....


  Graham. 07:49 06 Jul 2007
  Graham. 07:57 06 Jul 2007

click here You will have to login.

In case the link doesn't work, you need to go to My Profile, Email, Additional Users. It's a little tricky to navigate until you get used to it.

You can use anything you like before as long as it isn't already take,

  Graham. 08:06 06 Jul 2007

You will then need to create a new account in Outlook Express.

Tools, Accounts, Add, Mail.

Servers: Incoming mail is, Outgoing mail is

When it's set up, you can select which account to use to send mail with the drop-down arrow in From.

Send a test email to and from each account.

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