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  UncleBulgaria 21:03 07 May 2005

I have currently got a yahoo address, however, I am constantly getting swamped with spam and viruses. Thank god for NAV and Norton AntiSpam. Can anyone suggest an alternative email provider that filters this stuff out? I want to configure Outlook 2000 to receive my new email account. Look forward to hearing from you all.

  pauldonovan 21:11 07 May 2005

they have the benefit that they have registered lots of surnames so you can often get your [email protected] email address.

It is a cost, but not much (think about 20 quid a year) and I don't get any spam at all. Some of that will be due to the fact that I don't use my email address much on public sites/friends joke lists etc. Some of it is because they are less of a target than guessing all the names at yahoo. Thought of setting up a new one at yahoo/hotmail and seeing how it goes?

  Buchan 35 21:57 07 May 2005

Unlike Paul I don`t pay for my eMail service. My ISP is Onetel, who not only give me free access and free (normal) phone calls 24 hours a day for the princely sum of £19.99 a month, but seem to have filtered out all spam, pop-ups etc. Of course, I also have Kerio firewall and most of the other anti spyware programmes recommended on this forum.

  UncleBulgaria 22:03 07 May 2005

Thanks. I also have firewall and all recommended anti spyware progs. I am open to all ideas

  Buchan 35 22:16 07 May 2005

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I do not use Outlook Express or any of Uncle Bill`s services. My ISP is my default email provider

  VoG II 22:19 07 May 2005
  dewskit 22:32 07 May 2005

I have a friend who uses his Radio Amateur callsign as his email address and he gets no spam - so try using a meaningless collection of letters and numbers as an email address - no one will be able to remember it either of course!

  pauldonovan 13:16 08 May 2005 in effect you do pay for your email service - you pay your ISP for it! I chose not to do that because I wanted a more memorable address however my point was purely that netidentity are more 'obscure' than say hotmail or probably even onetel and therefore perhaps less likely to be targetted.

I think a lot of it has to do with how you use your email address. VoG has provided a good link, however I don't use any spam filter software at all and have zero spams. There is always the problem of false positives with such software.

Some people recommend setting up separate email addresses for each purpose so say when you register with amazon you setup [email protected], for itunes you register [email protected] and have them all coming in to your outlook. Then if you get spammed you know who sold you out!

Good advice about using obscure email addresses - harder to guess but then if you register on every website it'll soon get out.

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