Yorkie 1 10:30 15 May 2012

I use Microsoft Outlook for my email. It displays emails sent to any of my email addresses which is good, but I cannot sendreplies from Outlook, I have to log on to otherprograms such as Talk-Talk and send any replies from there. Is there a setting that I can apply to Outlook (not Outlook Express) that will allow me to reply direst. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

  Woolwell 10:35 15 May 2012

Are you getting an error message when you try to send and how have you set up the account (smtp settings, etc)? Which ISP?

  Yorkie 1 10:57 15 May 2012

Hi Woolwell, I don't get an error message. As the Oulook program is loading, in the space at the bottom of the page it shows loading 25%,50%, and 75%, but it never goes further than that. I am a dummy when it comes to SMPT account settings etc, at an age of 83 I don't learn as easily as I used to. S

  spuds 11:12 15 May 2012

I had a similar problem, and it was partly due to POP and SMTP etc setting up. I note that you are with TalkTalk, and if you go to their support website they have instructions on how to set-up. If you have no success, then contact TT customer support (which is free to TT subscriber's even though its an 0870 number), they should then be able to help.

Re-reading your original request, I might be wrong with my answer as to what you want to do, and if so I apologise for that?.

  Yorkie 1 11:18 15 May 2012

Hi Spud, Thanks for your interest. In fact I changed my ISP from Talk Talk to BT internet, so that would make a differenc. I have tried to get help from BT internet, but as yet have had no luck.

  Woolwell 11:19 15 May 2012

Concur with spuds. It would seem that you need to set up Outlook although puzzled that you can receive but also state that when loading it show 25%, etc. Do you mean Outlook Express? Does this 25%, etc occur only when sending?

  Yorkie 1 11:35 15 May 2012

When I firststart up Outlook ( It is Outlook, NOT Outlook Express), in that bottom line on the right hand side, it says Send/Receive loading 25% which changes to 50%, then 75% but never gets to 100% which I imagine it ought to do.

  onthelimit1 11:40 15 May 2012

You say you changed from TT to BT - normally when changing ISPs you have to start using a new email address supplied by the new provider. What email are you trying to use?

  Yorkie 1 11:46 15 May 2012

Hi onthelimit1, I have over the years acquired 3 email addresses which are quite widely known, actually BT is the fourth and not widely known. Are you saying that I need to simplyfy it to one address and inform all my correspondants?

  Woolwell 11:46 15 May 2012

When you see the send receive you should be able to click on it and get the details and see where it gets stuck. Which version of Outlook - 2003, 2007 or 2010 or earlier? OS is?

Has it ever worked?

  Woolwell 11:47 15 May 2012

You do not need to simplify it (I have 4 e-mail addresses) but you do need to make sure that you have the right outgoing settings.

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