dippydon 00:18 25 Jan 2008

hi.i,v a horrible problem.1 of my teenage sons has a yahoo email a/c on my pc.he,s been sending emails to people he doesnt like,mostly chat rooms in the usa......really nasty swearing and things.i know its paranoid of me and his mum but can we be traced thro the ip address of the pc.or any other way ?.ta

he wont be using my pc ever again.

  MCE2K5 00:51 25 Jan 2008

Can email be traced?, click here

  dippydon 01:23 25 Jan 2008

thanks for that.we,v also found out he,s got pornography off file sharing sites.mum was in tears thinking she,d have the fbi and local bobby around and we,d be on the telly as vile internet......lord knows what.maybe our imaginations are running amok.thanks again,its not too serious if its stopped now.

  MCE2K5 01:26 25 Jan 2008

Boys will be Boys.

  octal 08:00 25 Jan 2008

It's a difficult one isn't it?

I would worry too much about the porn, it's not a crime between consenting adults, it only becomes a crime when someone is injured or someone is under the age of consent, as MCE2K5 says boys will be boys.

The email on the other hand could be construed as criminal depending on the threats and it is possible to trace them to an ISP and the authorities could get a warrant to seize the address of the culprit and carry out a raid on the address, but it would have to be pretty serious to do that. It's just a moral thing and he will have to learn right from wrong, which I think is out of the scope of this forum. Good luck though, difficult times, been there, done that and got the tee shirt, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  setecio 09:45 25 Jan 2008

Might be worth using click here

  octal 12:49 25 Jan 2008

The trouble is putting software on the machine is they find it a challenge and make it a mission to crack it, which will probably take a few minutes or a few hours depending on the advise from their friends if he is not particularly computer literate.

  dippydon 18:28 25 Jan 2008

you,v all been very kind.mrs dippy thinks your all wonderful.thanks and thanks again.

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