Kev.Ifty 23:03 05 Aug 2005

Hi. I have an Email address supplied by my ISP which i open and read using Outlook Express. I also have Hotmail and Gmail Email addresses. (aren't i lucky?)

So what are the differences... I mean between web Email and Outlook Express type Email? (and do i have to keep using a capital 'E'?).

Is it just that one is downloaded to my PC and the other is accessed on a server somewhere?

Cheers Kev

  Forum Editor 23:13 05 Aug 2005

Outlook Express is used to download mail from a POP3 mailserver. Once the mail is downloaded it's routinely deleted from the server, and you have the only copy.

Webmail (like Gmail) is exactly that - mail that you access via the internet, and read online. Unlike POP3 mail webmail isn't deleted from the server automatically, it stays there until you delete it yourself, or until your allocated space is full, or until it is deleted by your mail provider after a specific time has elapsed - usually a long time.

The advantage of webmail is that you can access it via any internet-connected computer in the world; because it isn't downloaded you leave no trace on the machine you're using.

  Forum Editor 23:14 05 Aug 2005

you don't have to use an upper case E if you don't want to. Email is just as happy to be called email.

  Kev.Ifty 23:36 05 Aug 2005

Many thanks. It's a nice to have the boss answer my question :-)

The apple is in the post!

Its (my question) something I've wondered about but would not have asked in the other forums. So thanks for this 'ABSBE' Forum..


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