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  Ray5776 22:24 29 Apr 2006

something that puzzles me, with the older PC`s you had a 40 wire ribbon cable to connect HDD`s , CD players etc, now we have 80 wire cable. Both types of cable only have 39 connection pins on each end. Can anyone explain please how the 80 wire cable makes any difference but it obviously does.

  Skills 22:32 29 Apr 2006

Its for the cable select function, so that the position of the device on the cable decides if it is master or slave. Master at end slave in the middle.

  The Spires 22:33 29 Apr 2006

The 80 pin wires are 40 pin wires that are shielded which enable the faster data rates to occur.

  Ray5776 22:46 29 Apr 2006

Skills How does it know ?
The Spires, is this like Co-Ax in which case it begins to make sense.

  ed-0 22:55 29 Apr 2006

The extra 40 wires just go to earth. They act as a sheild between the other wires.

  Ray5776 23:12 29 Apr 2006

I understand that but fail to see what it has to do with cable select. Both my cables are 80 and cable select does not work. This does not matter to me as I don`t need cable select anyway.
Original posting was to find out about what appears to be unused wires. I.E. four BT wires into your home but only 2 are used.

  ed-0 23:19 29 Apr 2006

Becbeause as skills has said it is for the cable selselect option. It would appear that 40 conductor IDE cables do not have this feature, according to this.click here

80 80 conductor cables click here

  ed-0 23:23 29 Apr 2006

Because as skills has said it is for the cable select option. It would appear that 40 conductor IDE cables do not have this feature, according to this. click here

80 conductor cables
click here

especially after I have been to the pub;-)

  woodchip 23:42 29 Apr 2006

The other wires act as filters to clean the signal. they do not shield a bit like inductance

inductance = lay a length of wire not connected next to a live 240AC line and you will get power in the line not connected. Like a Transformer works

  Stuartli 00:13 30 Apr 2006

The information provided is, in the main, correct. A full run down can be found at:

click here

  Ray5776 15:23 30 Apr 2006

Thanks to everyone for all the information.


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