Electronics experts only?

  phono 18:05 10 Mar 2006

Now I have your attention here is my problem. ;^)

I was given a motherboard, CPU and RAM which had suddenly stopped working some time ago, on investigating today I noticed that the fans and lights come on but the screen remains black and nothing else happens.

On inspecting for obvious signs of damage I noticed 5 to 6 capacitors that have "bulged" at the top with traces of electrolyte, or similar, evident around the top.

If I were to replace these capacitors would it cure the problem or is it more likely that there is further underlying damage to other components on the board?

  User-312386 18:16 10 Mar 2006

if capacitors have burned i would assume this has caused further damage to the board

By the way do you get any beeps from the MOBO?

  Fingees 18:20 10 Mar 2006

Its not worth trying to attemp repair of this magnitude..
There is probably lots more damage due to the components. The CPU is probably dead. You may find a local shop thet may test it for you, but if it's an old model, it's really not woth the effort.

Even if you managed to replace the capacitors. they may cause damage to the power supply, due to other faulty components.

Really unles you have a test jig for the motherboard, leave it.

Sorry to be such a pessimist..

  Ray5776 18:21 10 Mar 2006

Hi phono,
I am not an electronics expert, but have some knowledge in that field.
Not worth considering is my opinion for various reasons. Don`t waste your time and money.


  ashdav 18:25 10 Mar 2006

as elcos only cost pennies it seems you have nothing to lose.
It doesn't work as it is so what's the harm ?
The capacitors are designed to rupture in the event of excess internal gas pressure. That's why the ends have a cross or line embossed in them.
Excess external heat has caused this.

  octal 18:37 10 Mar 2006

There was a batch of faulty capacitors some while ago that found their way onto some motherboards, I would have a go at replacing the capacitors click here I have replaced them before, needed; a decent soldering iron and a solder sucker.

  phono 18:37 10 Mar 2006

I was thinking along the same lines myself, I seem to remember reading an article somewhere where some manufacturer(s) had put out a batch of mobos with poor quality capacitors and displayed the symptoms I have after a period of time.

As you say, "elcos" are so cheap I have nothing to lose, apart from my patience and temper of course.

Thanks for the replies madboy33©®, Fingees, Ray5776, I have always been a bit of a DIY bodger/experimenter so may well give a repair a go, more out of curiosity than anything else.

If I do go ahead, and live to tell the tale, I will get back to you all.

  phono 18:39 10 Mar 2006

Cheers for that, I was typing while you were posting, I am going to check that article now.

  phono 18:46 10 Mar 2006

Just read the article, very interesting and confirms that I did indeed read such an article, the capacitors in question are very cimilar to those on the mobo I have, now, where did I leave that soldering iron?

  Ray5776 18:47 10 Mar 2006

If you want to do it for the experience then your time will not be wasted, good luck, hope it works for you.


  slimbo51 18:47 10 Mar 2006

Another point to consider is that alot of PCB boards have multi-level tracks on them.

Some of them can go up to 4 levels deep, and as such, you may not just heat with the soldering iron the level the caps are on but also different components at another level.

As was said though if you think boards dead got nowt to lose.

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